Friday, July 25, 2014

First pday!!

Email 1
I'm fine!!! I haven't really been homesick! my District is basically one big happy family! they're all crazy like me but also very spiritual! My bed is rock solid but I still sleep like a rock so pretty much that's how it works! My companion and I went to EFY together a long time ago and we get a long really well! They had us teach an investigator the second day we were here and he doesn't even speak english! but we made it through! we tought him for the last time last night!
Email 2
He's from pleasent grove! but I went to efy with him and his twin! uhhhh mas o manos (more or less\ so so) there's a bunch of little things like words or grammer but I'm doing pretty good! everyone in the district has taken at least two to three years of Spanish before they came so they already knew some of the rules of the language!
Email 3
 anyways all the missionarys on the flight here basically became instant friends! we all talked as if we had know each other for years. we also played pranks on each other such as when Elder Jensen ( my companion right now) fell asleep on the floor during our four hour layover we put a buch of american change all over his back, so when he woke up the spilled every where! anothter is one of the elders fell asleep with his mouth wide open so we put a chocolate almond in mouth, when he woke up he just chewed it and moved on so it kind sucked.... but the plane rides were good... i couldn't watch anything on the screen or read the magizenes and my bags were impossible to reach so I just put my head against the chair infront of me and fell asleep.... i woke up periodically throughout the flights.. during the layover Elder Jenks showed us that he had a mcdonalds hamburger in his pocket and planned to make it all the way to mexico with it! but durring the flight we had to fill out immigration papers! and on them it askes if you have any meats so he freaked out and threw it away on the plane...  Immagration went fine I got all my bags and went the check ups and stuffs... after we all gathered up we hopped onto a bus and drove 20 minutes to the CCM we got here and the immediatily gave us packes with our information and room keys in them. after the presentation we went through the process of new missionaries.... we got to our room made our beds and unpacked. I haven't unpacked everything I only unpacked what i needed. we went to dinner then all the stuff on our schedules were cancelled so we walked around CCM and looked at all the cool things.The first week was the longest week of my life!!! lot's of meetings and random stuffs and just plain getting used to being in mexico! We had to teach an investigator our second day!!!!! in Spanish!!!!! so that sucked but we made it through... I can say a full prayer in spanish now which is cool! My district is amazing we all get a long, joke, and play with each other! no one is ever left out unless they choose to be! Sunday's here are amazing!!! I don't know hwo to explain it... but the spirit is so strong and everythiing just works.  The food here is alright... there's sometimes where I don't eat but I'm fine... I actually got a small cold monday but I'm fine now I still have a bit of a runny nose but other then that its cool. My companion actually got a virus in the airport and when we got to mexico it got worse! it wasn''t a deadly virus his stomach just hurt and he had diaria! the doctor just gave him some diariea pills and pepdobizmal! other than that that it's pretty much been the same study in the morning, language class till lunch, then gym, tall, then study some more, then dinner, then we go teach oscar..... which isn't happnening anymore! I've herd that when the schedule gets to a point where it doesn't change that often, it goes by so much faster!