Sunday, February 14, 2016

February 8,2016

Well this week was pretty great! My companion and I have been working a little more with the less actives and helping them to progress and helping them return to the church! and we saw fruits sunday when a bunch of them came to church! haha I also had the chance to do a work visit with Elder Marichi who´s part of my district and he taught me a whole bunch but the main thing that he taught me is that we need to smile if we don´t smile we´re just working, but if we have a smile then we are doing what we love to do! Well it´s transferes and my cmpanion and I are staying also the sister in the district are satying the only one that´s leaving is elder Marichi! haha and a new misionary is coming here! so Elder Benally is going to train now so it´s going to be awesome!!! :D 

I hope I have one more transfer before I leave just to be able to get to know one more place would be awesome! But I really do love Los pinos though so i don´t really know it´s a real problem but that´s in the future! haha :D

February 1,2016

Bueno esta semana Se nos pasó rapidísimo, Realmente no sé como pero se fue rápido. Mi compañero y yo hemos estado haciendo nuestras practicas y se ve mucho en las lecciones. Hemos estado practicando mucho acerca del Como comenzar a enseñar para que cuando estamos afrente de nuevos investigadores mi compañero y yo ya sabemos que es lo que vamos a enseñar! Y ha sido muy eficaz. También tuve el privilegio de hacer un intercambio de compañeros con Elder Benally  Cual fue un día genial! Pude aprender mucho de el y de sus experiencias en la misión, también me enseñó algunas nuevas maneras de contactar personas! Elder Benally es muy bueno y tiene un amor muy grande para la gente y para la obra! También tuvimos un Bautizmo en el Distrito!! Los de 2 de Junio y fue algo extraordinario ver un bautizmo aquí en el distrito, ahora tenemos el reto de quien va a tener el próximo bautizmo! :D    

My apartment is awesome! haha 
It`s super hot here!!!!!! haha it`s not even funny I`m always just sweating!!! but it`s fantastic! 
He`s awesome!! We`re doing really good and getting the work done.. we haven`t had any baptisms yet but we`re working towards it! 
Well there`s really not any like restaurants here 

I love you guys Sorry my emails suck... haha 

January 26, 2016

so this week was awesome!!! So my companion and i decided to just work and we made a plan that we did with the district! We played a game and the game was ¨The companionship that could find the most new investigaros this week won and the rest has to pay up¨ so the district accepted! So we played hard this week My companion and I found 11 news this week and the other companionship of elders found 10 and the sister got a little discourged and got 3 but still they had gotten more lessons then the last week! but it was awesome!!! Also This weeek I got to go to the mission council meeting (usually only the zone leaders go, but president wanted all of the district leaders there too) So we went and talked about the mission and how we´re going to make this mission better! and I´m so excited!!! it´s going to be great! Also we got to go to the temple to receive revelation for our mission!!! It was an amazing week! Also my companion and I saw fruits this sunday... we didn´t have very many investigators in the church but 12 less actives came to church!! that was also amazing! I really love this work1 

This week was pretty great my companion and i were dead from the last Pday because we climbed a mountain and we were all just dead! haha so is wsa kinda rough trying to work but we still kept moving forward! We didn´t have a super successfull week but was still awesome to see the blessing that we had received!}

no the pin idea sounds awesome!!! 
No i got the shirts fixed!  
but i do need sport socks 

January 11, 2016

So this week was a little interesting because my companion and I didn´t have very much success in getting new investigaros or having very many lessons but we got a ton of references from the ward! So we feel satisfied about our week! The way we contacted our tnews this week was pretty funny! because we had been doing some contacting up the mountain a little ways and we had some contacts but nobody really didn´t want to listen, we actually talked to a catholic guy who asked us how can he find peace and happieness in this life and Basically we told him that through Jesus Christ and his atonment, and when we ended he told us that we were wrong and this and that, It was really funny actually but we left and started walking down the hill because it was getting close to lunch time so we started going back and this little guy that was a little further down, looked up and was just surprised at how tall I was!! So he went screaming at all of his family and friends to come see how tall this big white guy is! So some people came out and we taught them a lesson and took out some appointments! It was pretty great!

No I´m just a leader but he´s my secretary!!! ;) haha 

No we just have our pentionist and we eat with her everyday and we share the pention with another companionship! :D

Sometimes but not very often!

Yeah! haha it´s pretty awesome!

I love you guys!! :D 

January 4, 2016

So this week was pretty great! it was super sad leaving my old area and all of the people I got to know there. My new area is called Los pinos in Chimbote! haha and it`s really awesome! it`s a bunch of hills like we have to go up and down the mountain all day but it`s great! The members are awesome and most of them have a desire to do misisonary work! Getting used to this area has been a little hard because my last few area have been really different the people weren`t as prideful as the people here but I take it as a challenge, now I`ve got to find a new way to teach to keep the attention of the people! My companion and I are super excited and we`ve got some plans and ideas of how we`re going to work here! My companions name is Elder Flores, He`s from Arequipa, Peru and he`s got like 7 months in the mission! He`s really great! a little shy with people he doesn`t know but when he gets to know you he`s amazing! he`s been in this area for about 3 months now but for one month he wansn`t here. Because his companion went home early and he had to go to a different area with a different elder so we`re basically opening an area! I`m still district leader and I have a district of 3 companionships. 2 companionships of Elders and 1 of sisters! and they`re fantastic and every single one of them are ready to get working! As of right now we donp`t have very many investigators but here soon we`re going to get some! :)
We totally stayed up until midnight! :D haha it was awesome but I couldn`t record because if people saw that I had my camera They`d probably rob me! haha
It was great!! :D haha
No just 45 min away from san jacinto! 
He`s really good! 
He`s from Peru, Arequipa!
 We`re by the beach yes! :D 
Well before It was really big! haha but we`ve moved now to a smaller room! :D 
The ward is really good! but it`s got it`s problems! 
My neibhors right now are other misionarys!!! haha
no.. haha it`s probably the same or a little smaller, My last areas have been really big

Dec 28, 2015

Hey So this week was pretty stressful but really awesome at the same time! We did a lot of traveling this week, for a lot of christmas stuffs! haha my companion and I have been running around a lot this week but in the end it was awesome! Also I got to talk to my family which was amazing, and it`s incredible how big everyone is getting! haha but I hope I`m still the biggest! Also all of our district had baptizms this week!!!!! It was so cool! but we`re so far away so we couldn`t have a Noche Blanca but we all had an expierence really special! So our investigator that got baptized was Billy! So Also I`ve got transferes I`m going to be in Chimbote Los pinos! haha I ahve no idea where that`s at but that`s where I`m going hah! ;D

Dec 22, 2015

 So this week was pretty great because First off we´re going to have a baptizm this saturday!!! Billy is going to be baptized! Hermana Marcela her baptizmal date fell and so she can´t get baptized until the 9th of january but she´s going to get baptized! Also this  week we had a christmas Devotional which was pretty awesome! and my zone got to sing!! :D it was pretty great! Sorry I don´t have very much to write about we´ve been super crazy these last few weeks traveling and what not... haha

I´m going to call from our house chapel! 
We just recently had a christmas devotional and also we´re going to have a mini party as a zone! 
He´s going to! :D
Ya! we´re doing a lot better!
So at 10 in the morning! :D for me at 12! 

Dec 22, 2015

Dec 7,2015

Nov 30,2015

 Esta semana fue muy interesante, Porque La investigadora de mi compañero y yo (Hermana Marcela) no estaba leyendo, y estaba orando pero no hizo su pregunta de saber la verdad. Entonces mi compañero y yo hicimos lo que Elder Uceda nos enseñó! fuimos Leemos El Libro de Mormón, contestando una pregunta de ella, y nos arrodillamos con ella y le decimos, Hermana ahorita usted puede hacer su pregunta para saber si las cosas son verdaderas. Ella hizo su oración y cuando terminó empezó a llorar pero no como bebé sino solo algunas lagrimas. Le preguntamos cómo se siente, y ella nos dijo Raro, Entonces el miembro que teníamos con nosotros dijo que esto es su respuesta y Dios diciendo que esto es verdad. Fue una experiencia muy espiritual y tan genial! jaja

I have recieved my package!! :D and who is mckenzie ferons?? haha I recieved a leaf from her! haha tell her thank you! and also to all of the ward! :D

no (knocks on wood!) I don`t ever go see a doctor (again knocks on wood)  

So about the pictures it`s because they`ve told me that I can`t use Drop box.. haha so I can`t send the pictures like that! 

Nov 23,2015

Haha so this week was really interesting because my companion and I invited one of our investigators to get baptized and she excepted!!!! it was awesome! because she´s told us that she´s been investigating a lot of churches but she hasn´t really felt good in any of the them but 2 weeks ago when she went to church she told us that she felt really good and that she really like the meeting!! She didn´t go this week because she got sick but she sent her child in her place! haha yeah but she´s super excited and really nervous for her baptizm! 

They´ve told me that i´ve gotten my package but I still haven´t seen it. it´s en the room of the zone leaders! It sounds like lot´s of crazy stuff is going on over there! I hope all of you have fun! :D

Nov 16,2015

So this week was pretty cool because I got to have a work visit with Elder Collazos! it was really awesome!! I learned a couple things that I need to get better at but it was a really cool expirence! After that my companion came back and we went to a sister that is in our branch and we got some references from her and then we went and tryed contacting as much of them as posible but not very many were home!.. After that we went out with a member for like 5 hours visiting people, and his friends, less actives, and much more! it was pretty cool, even cooler is we contacted a reference from a sister and the references accepted us and we taught her a little and then in sunday she came to church!!!!! it was awesome! and after the meetings she told us that she really liked it and the next sunday she´s going to bring her children! :D 

Ya we got like a little nokia phone! :D haha 
No we don´t have IPads it´s becuase if we did they would rob them from us! :D haha
No our church doesn´t but some do! 

Transfers are today! I´m not being transfered I stay here for another 6 weeks with my companion! 
Umm They haven´t told us anything about the rules on calling but we´re going to have a meeting soon to talk about this.. I think.. :D
1 Josué 1: 6-9