Monday, April 20, 2015

The beginning of this week was kinda slow but at the end things started to pick up again. We started to use the 10 ways to find and to be more obident with all the rules. After we started to do the things that we needed to do, we began to have success. We were contacting, asking everybody for references, we took out appointments, and were having fun doing it all. We also had the Flores family, that were going to get baptized this saturday but the dad didn´t want to get baptized and then we called President for a little bit of advice and he gave us some Ideas on what we can do.  But we talked with the family and We found out a bunch of stuff about them and I see the family in a different perspective now. :D Anyway other than that we had found a family the Cavanillas family and the Second daugter in the family had run away, and wasn´t talking with her family but we promised the mom that if she prayed he daughter would return. when we went back to visit them again her daughter had returned and they were all super happy, also the daughter prayed at the end of the lesson! So this week for me was very different, and now I´ve got my new companion Elder Tapia! Now with my new companion we´re going to find a bunch more people! :D

I love you guys and hope that you´re all having fun without me! :D 

  Elder Durrant

April 13,2015

This week was actually kinda slow for me, but we´ve been doing a lot better as a companionshi´and in looking for people. We have the family Flores that are going to be baptized this saturday! The mom and her son are super excited to get baptized, they´ve been waiting for a long time but the dad is still alittle on the edge if he wants to be baptized or not. We´re going to have him have his interview with Elder Quispe and see afterwards if he still doesn´t want to be baptized or not.

My spiritual moment of the week is when I went over to the area of Elder Hirschi and we had a noche de hogar with some members. We watched the John Tanner video and then afterwards had a short testimony meeting! it´s was awesome and the spirit was really strong, I could feel the love of the savior for each one that was there!

The Restoration of the Priesthood is important to me because without the Priesthood on the earth not a single person could lead the church, and we wouldn´t have the guidance from god! Also it´s really important because it´s a way that we can heal the sick, help the poor, and preach to the children of God who are ready to listen.

It helps me understand that as a priesthood holder I´ve got a big roll in this world. With my future family and with everybody that will be in my life.

The Line of authority shows me that we get our priesthood from Jesus Christ and not from some dude! :D

April 6,2015

Well well well...... so this week was pretty normal! :D just General Conference was awesome! This week I had been thinking about a lot of things.. like me, my companion, what I need to do to get closer to my heavenly father. ( P.S. I had been a little down on myself the past couple weeks) anyway so I´ve been doing lot´s of things that I´ve learned from my friends in the mission and also my mission president! :D which some of them are Read the book of mormon before going to bed and when I thought comes into your head that you don´t want start memorizing a scripture! So I´ve been doing that the past couple weeks but haden´t seen many results... well in that time I hadn´t seen many.. Then one day It popped into my head that I needed to fast... so the day before General conference I fasted. And then the night after I finished my fast I recieved so many answers that I neeeded and I realized that I was actually progressing I was just blocking my own eyes from myself. :D Other then that pretty normal! :D 

March 30,2015

Well this week´s been really normal, and my companion got sick again!! so we just stayed inside and I wanted to die of bordem!!!! :D but anyway something really cool that happened is we had a family nlight with some members and I shared a scripture then afterwards we had a testimony meeting! Which was really cool because I got to see some of the trials everyone has gone through to get to the point that they´re in! Which was kind of a surprise because I´ve know the family the whole time and had no Idea that they wen´t through some of the stuff that they had! some of it is stuff like smoking and alcohol! :D Also it was kinda weird but this taxi driver stopped us in the road and asked where he could buy a book of mormon and we said that we had one for free! he told us that some of his buddies said that for anything get the book for story! :D we asked him where he lived but he lives outside of our area.... but it was a really awesome expierence! :D Next the sisters in our District had a baptism which was awesome! it was kinda suprising because President Archibald came to the baptizm!!! and I had to give a message on baptism and the holy ghost.... so I kinda panicked but got through it like a boss! :D anyway I hope all of you guys are having fun without me! :D

March 23, 2015

I´ve been thinking quite a bit about this last transfer because my companion and I haven´t had very much success and I really think I need to push myself a lot more then I have been! But other then that I´m doing really good! it´s still really hot! and I´m still in the same area as before! :D I just recently watched my zone leader go home!!! haha he left and it was really funny because he was pretty much dying!! it was sooo funny!!!! he was singing songs and just completly relaxed! 

March 16th 2015

So this week was a pretty slow week for me, but it was fun because we taught a new family and the wife of the house just started crying and told us how her 17 year old daughter basically ran away and won´t talk to her and she asked us what she can do to calm herself and have the stregth to move on. so we taught her and her husband how to pray properly and how important prayer is. Then in our second visit she asked us the question what happens when we die, so we taught them the plan of Salvation. Then later we got back with the flores family and they told us about some of the doubts they had just about everything so we helped fix some of that stuff and we´re going to finish the last two lessons and then baptize them! :D

So I went out and baught a new watch this week and it´s amazing!!! it was only 15 dollars and and lights up and tells me the time and tells me the date and way day of the week it is!!! :D I´m sooo happy!!! :D also this week was the week of birthdays for all of the members!!! so we visited a lot of little children to say happy birthday the leave because they were partying! :D