Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Nov 9 2015

Well This week was really interesting. The Beginning of the week really sucked because of many reasons! but the end of the week was really awesome because my companion and I went and found some new people to teach and slaso we went out preaching with members! it was preatty great! So What I have found this week was really interesting but to help you guys understand better we´ll start from the beginning. So this past few weeks I`ve been having an internal battle between myself and God. and the battle was so intense that my poor little new companion was suffering just as much as I was. I had been searching the scriputers doing a ton of stuff trying to find answers! and one day I went and took out a big stack of papers that I have. In this stack there are all of the weekly letters that President Archibald (my old mission president) wrote us. From the beginning of my mission until the change of the mission. So what I did was I read every single one of those papers. because I was still looking for answers! And what I found when I was searching through all of this papers was the answers I had been looking for. I had forgotten lot`s of things that I had learned from my mission. But now Thanks to my  Heavenly Father I have found What, and who I am, and who I always will be! :D

(Did you get your package)
I did! :D

(When is your release date)

I`ve got a guess but it`s a surprise I can`t tell you! ;)
(What about uvu)
  Umm Well If you could start that would be nice! :D haha just sign me up for the basic classes and what not and I`ll figure out the rest when I get home! 

Oct 26, 2015

So this week was really interesting because my companion and I have been trying to figure out what we can do to have success we`re still en the process but we`re getting there! :D Also it kinda sucked because we took out one of our converts out to go find some of his friends and some of our investigators but nobody was home and we went out walking around or like 3 hours looking for people! haha but it was an awesome expirience! Also we had a family night with some members and they brought a few of their family members! it was awesome! 
(Did you get my package)

They told me it`s in the offices but they haven`t sent it this way yet...

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Oct 12, 2015

So this week was amazing!!!! because I got the oportunity to go to trujillo and get my new companion!! :D haha I´m trainning the poor guy.. I hope he doesn´t die in my hands.... :D haha anyway he´s really cool! he´s from Peru! actually he´s from my old mission! it´s really awesome! but he doesn´t know any of my friends that were in ventanilla. He´s 18 years old and he´s a little shy but we´re working on it! ;D Also he´s super lucky because he only had like three days in the field and he already has two baptizms! haha it´s awesome! The two that got baptized are Juan and Jesus! and there was one more but he was a baptizm for the branch! That was really cool and then the day after that we went to the temple! so this new missionary in his first week has done some many things! :D haha it´s really cool! 

(How's your new companion?)
He´s doing really good! haha just trying to get used to the mission! 
He´s from peru! from my old mission!
(What was your favorite part of this week)
Well I baptized two people! and also we went to the temple! :D 

(Did you get your package)

No.. I haven´t... sorry.

Oct 5 2015

(Did you get to watch conference)
I watched all of it yes! :D but the speakers kinda sucked so I didn`t understand some of it! :D but that`s fine I know I`ll get to study it one day! :D
I Watched the saturday sessions in the stake center and then the sunday in My area :D
I Really like Elder Hollands talk also but I really like President Monsons talk! :D
(How are your investigators)
They`re doing really good! haha One of them was sick so he couldn`t go, and the other did go but only in the last session on sunday! 

I have no Idea who that person is... haha maybe if i saw a picture of him! 

I start studying at 8 in the morning! :D

I`ve still got my sock from last year! :D but send just stuff! haha like toys and what not! :D oh and also those little plastic ctr rings! :D hahaReally that`s fun! :D haha so i forgot to tell ou guys the transferes are today! :d haha my companion is being transfered and I`m going to train in the same area!! 

I`m doing really good!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Sept 28, 2015

Well this week was pretty great! :D haha after P-day me and elder Gibbson he´s a different district leader in my zone, we went to trujillo to go and fix some papers so we can stay in peru! :D but it was a 4 hour bus ride! but it was fantastic because when we got there we just kinda sat there and waited for like 30 min and then the oficinistas showed up and took us to the offices! and then we slept in their room, then the next day we went out and signed a paper and then we went back to casma! :D haha it was really fun! then the rest of the week we worked liked normal going around talking to people, teaching, preaching! This week we also tryed a new Idea in our branch which its called the Branch Night! :D and it was pretty great! only the members came but the next one we have will be great! :D As of right now my companion and I have to Baptizmal dates! Juan Quiroz, and Jesus Guerrero! :D these two are pretty great! and are progressing a lot! Juan this week told us that he wasn´t going to be able to come to church this week because he was going to help his sister cook somthing but my companion and I taught him why he needs to go and the reason why it´s super important that he can take the sacrament!  and then he showed up in sunday! it was awesome! :D 

The people are fantastic!! :D 
I have lots of friends! :D haha it comes with being a missionary! 
The best is that Juan and Jesus came to church! the worst is that my companion and I didn´t have a super successfull week number wise! :D

I have learned how I can trust in the Lord for everything! 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Sept 21, 2015

So this week was really interesting because my companion had to go to Lima to fix his papers! and he was gone for like almost 3 days! haha So I stayed with an other elder that´s in my district! His name is Elder Alanoca! haha and he´s really awesome! but I forgot to take pictures with him!!! haha but anyway I went and stayed in his area for those 3 days and got to meet all of his investigators that are progressing! I was really cool, then when my companion got back we went and worked like usual in our area! We didn´t find a whole bunch of news but we went out and tried our hardest! But this Sunday in consejo de la Rama we planned with the people that were there that we need to build a base in the Branch before we can move forward! we need to go and ¨Attack¨ the ward members that aren´t coming, and also attack the liders that don´t come to consejo! It´s going to be really awesome! :D 

and for churstmas maybe like Acouple short white sleeved shirst! :D haha and some socks! but that´s about it!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Sept 14, 2015

Well this week kinda sucked... haha my companion and I were working and working, we took out members to go visit invigators and also visit their friends and what not but Every single lesson that we had planned fell through... and the members friends we went to weren´t there. but we Kept working and working trying to get stuff done but it never really happened. But it was really cool becuase in sunday Two of our investigators came to church and they both said it was awesome and they´re excited to come next week! :D haha it was awesome! 

Everything is really good! just a little tireing! haha 
It´s very hot here! and they say it´s only going to get worse! :D ahaha
I´m close to a beach but in the middle of a desert! it´s pretty great! I´m trying to send pictures! 

I half wish i was there to be with you guys and to see grandma but I understand that one day i´ll see her again! and this time she´ll remember my name! ;D hahahaha

Sept. 7 2015

It´s not a ward it´s a branch! :D hha and it´s really good!! the people are really nice nd loving! I really like it here
The President is a really good guy!°!! haha we actually are renting our room from him! it´s pretty cool! :D
It´s great!! theres a big factory right in the middle of the town!
it´s really small! haha like height wise! but other then that it´s fine!
It´s like an hour away!!! and we have to take two cars! :D 

So this week was really interesting because My companion and I have been working pretty hard! haha we went nd contacted a buch of old investigators and members and everybody! we didn´t have a super succefull week but now we´ve got like a base to work with! It´s going to be awesome! a spiritual moment that I had this week would probably b e that when my companion and I were in a lesson the lady talked about how she ws scared to pray with her eyes shut because she feels like satan is going to attack her! but we explained to her that if she imagined that god was there listening to her she would feel a lot better!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Aug 31,2015

This week was awesome!! because I´m in my new area and it´s cool to have this oprotunity to get to know the people from San Jacinto! My companions name is Elder Maldonado and he´s from Ecuador!] haha he´s got 3 months in the mission and he´s been in this area he´s whole mission! he´s super cool and really spritual.He´s from the mission Trujillo! which means that he´s come a completly different way of working but We´re figuring it out and it´s going to be sick!!!  before he came out in the mission he was in the Army and he is a recent convert!  The area that I´m in is pretty big But it´s super far away from any city! haha the closest city is like an hour in car! haha soo it´s district meetings are pretty great! I´m in a branch so we don´t have very many people who go to church but we´re going to change that! :D the people here are really cool and super respectfull. Also in my area there´s a factory of sugar! and it´s in the middle of the city and it´s just makes a bunch of noise 24 hours all day every day! and it´s super annoying but it´s cool I´ve gotten used to it! Everybody and their dog works there so it´s interesting trying to find dad´s at home! but it´s cool I know the lord will bless us! :D 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Aug 25, 2015

So this week has been super interesting because Finally the family that we´ve been working with are going to get married!!!! this week their going to get married but the only problem is that I´ve got transfers!!!!! I´m a little upset because all I´ve wanted is to baptize this guys, but if it´s what God wants I´m willing to do it. Now I can´t remeber from this moments right now but I´m going to a place that´s super hot!! haha and I´m giong to be district leader! I don´t know how well this is going to go but I´ll do the best that I can!!! :D

Monday, August 17, 2015

Aug 10, 2015

Well nothing super cool happened this week, it was a really slow week actually but we had our fun! we went and invited somebody to get baptized and he no. then I said even if god right now came to you and told you, face to face, that you need to change a little bit, would you follow what he says? and he said no... if I like what I like I would say sorry god but I like this and I`m not going to change.... it was kind of frustrating!!! haha but it`s cool we`re still really good friends with the guy! 

When I felt the spirit the strongest is probably when the stake president came to our ward council and set everybody straight, and told them all that they need to work harder if they want to see miracles! it was reallyawesome and I could feel the love that he had for these people! so know they all what to work harder! :)

Hey I`ve got to go!!!! I love you guys!!!!! No I the computer wouldn`t let me... and I don`t really have very many pictures anyway but next week I`m going to send them! :D 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Aug 1,2015

        Bueno esta semana fue muy interesante porque como dije la semana pasada que íbamos a visitar miembros y ayudar el obispo con el barrio. Fuimos a algunos miembros y hemos encontrado muchos cosas que necesita este barrio! Nuestras metas que tenemos son de seguir ayudando este barrio crecer.

         My companion and I have been doing really good, We didn´t have a ton of success this week but this next week we´re going to do a lot better and work a lot harder. Now we know a lot more what we can do to help this ward and we´re super excited to get going! :D  
(Have you been robbed)
No I haven´t had anything stollen... :D
Again no I haven´t. every body here is scared of me because of how tall I am
(How's the bugs)
Pretty good! :D just spiders and stuff
(Do you use the oils)
Every once and a while! :D 
(Did you get your appartment fixed)
No but they´re going to come this week to look at it
(Do you use your mattress cover)
Yes! :D haha
(How's your teeth)
Really good... I think I mean their straight and pretty white.
(How's the tooth paste)
Yeah! It´s the same as in the states just in spanish 
No... the computer I have doesn´t accept usbs..... sorry. 
(Do you need anything)
no..... I don´t think so....
(How's your companion) 
He doing really good! haha actually it was my companions birthday recently!
I always tell you the names of my companions! :D haha  his names elder arevalo! 

Monday, July 27, 2015

July 27,2015

Bueno este semana fue lo maximo! Porque con todo de carhuaz hay mucho que hacer entonce estamos corriendo a todos lados contactando, visitando, etc. Pero Una cosa que hemos vistio no estamos haciendo muy bien es trabajando con miembros. Para arreglar ese cuando fuimos a hacer la visita con el obispo hablabamos sobre muchas cosas que puedemos hacer para ayudar a este barrio. Hemos planificado con el y ahora vamos a hacer todo posible por este barrio! :D 

Well my companion and I are doing really good, we´ve had little things here and there that we´re trying to fix but other then that we´re doing really good! and we´re working because our goal witht the bishop is to have ten baptizms this month of augost! I´m super excited to help this ward grow! I´ve been here for a little bit of time but now I understand what I need to help them! :D

(Can the get married in the temple or just sealed)
No They can´t here they have to get married in the municipalidad! :D

(Did your investigators get married yet?)

No Not yet.... but in thursday we´re going to call people to try and take it out! This week nobody is worked becuase it´s peru independence week! so lots of alcohol, parties, and much much more! ;D 

(How many youth do you have in your ward)
like 20 combined like 5 girls and 15 guys

(Do you ever teach classes in church )
Sometimes! :D this week my companion and I taught the work of salvation and burned all of the Elders qourms1:D 

(Have you watched a disney movie yet)
We watched El dorado like 2 weeks ago! it´s was pretty great! 

(Is it hot or cold there)
Both during the day freaking hot!!! during the night time freezing cold"! 

(Name if the place you live in)
(How is the zone leaders in your are)
Pretty great we´re just super far away from huaraz so we never really see them.

(Did you get your package)
I have recieved my package!!! :D I got it the day after P-day!

We´re going to go play soccer!!12 :D haha it´ll be awesome! Hey I can´t send pictures this week... the zone leaders have my camera I´m going to get it tomorrow! they took it because they came down to see some problems we´re having with the room and we took pictures and they asked if they could take it to show the guy so he can know what he needs to fix it. :D

(What is broken )
our water heater is like destroying the wall behind it or somthing like that... the water is leaking out of the pipes and now they have to go in and fix it... I don´t really understand but what are you going to do...

Hey I´ve got to get going I love you guys!!!! :D 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

July 20,2015

July 20,2015

Ya pero esta semana fue genial porque me nuevo compañero y yo no tuvimos nada de planificación entonces fuimos a trabajar no más! :D Y las personas que están progresando más son convivientes, Pero tienen muchos deseos de ser miembros de la Iglesia, La única cosa que previniendo que se casan es que no pueden sacar sus partidas, porque la hermana es de la selva y no pueden viajar. Pero estamos trabajando con El Obispo para sacarla! :D 

Yo personalmente he sentido mejor que en los últimos cambios, porque me compañero y yo eramos amigos pero él era muy serie y yo soy muy alegre entonce yo no podía hacer lo que quería hacer pero ahora con mi compañero nuevo puedo ser alegre otra vez y trabajar en la manera que me gusta! :D  ( Google Translate! :D hahaha)

So how's your companion?
(He´s freaking awesome! He´s like me in being crazy! )

Where is he from?
(He´s from Ecuador!)

Any changes with a new president?
(Lot´s of changes! :D LIke now we can watch disney movies! but only on pday with the zone)

Did you get the package yet?

How many times have you read the BM ?
(Almost twice in English and Almost once in spanish)
Are you out of CTR rings?
(No not yet)

Did you send pictures??
(I did! )

July 13, 2015

So this week was really interesting becuase I got to meet the new president!! haha sorry I don´t have very much time this week so I´m going to organize my time better next week! :D but we got to meet him and he is super short!!!!! he´s peruvian and is super excited to work! Also in other news In Carhuaz there are two areas carhuaz 1 and 2 but in this transfer my companion has transfers and the one of the other elder has transfers from the other area. now that companion and me are now companions and our area is just one big area now! It´s crazy!!! it´s going to be lots of fun!!! :D 

Elders and sisters,

Report that during these changes there have been in the Mission and all the work that has been done now have new information for you.

We address the mission so they can make their submissions as well as receive their packages from their families, also the number of the mission box when they have to receive emails and letters. Please give that information to your parents.



Calle Los Tilos 440 Urb. California
La Libertad



SERPOST, box 122 (same address)

Hump day questions! One year down, one to go!

What time do you get up?

I get up at 6:30 every morning!


Do you set an alarm or just get up? 

I set my alarm. remember my little blue one? that one


 Do you get ready for the day before or after individual and companion study?

Before, I make sure I get my study time


Do you study one topic for a week for companion study or a different topic everyday? 

Different topics everyday, we try to mix it up a little 


Who Chooses the topic?

We usually try to focus on investigators 


What is your favorite chapter in the PMG?

Attributes of Christ! 


What is your favorite scriptures and why?

My current favorite scripture is... 2 nefi 25:26! :D Y hablamos de Cristo, nos regocijamos en Cristo, predicamos de Cristo, Profetizamos de Cristo y escribimos según nuestros Profecías para que nuestros hijos sepan a que fuente han de acudir para la remisión de sus pecados!  


What do you eat for breakfast?

Cereal!!! :D


If you have time what is your favorite breakfast to make?

Cereal!!! :D


What time do you leave your apartment?

11 in the morning! 


Do you ever proselyte on the main street or in the shops?

umm sometimes in the plaza! 


What time do you eat your main meal?

1 in the afternoon! 


How long is your lunch?

One hour


Where do you eat your lunch?

we eat at a petionist 


Do you share groceries with your companion?



Do you get a drink or snack everyday?  From member?

Yes and never from members


If the sisters in your area have baptisms, who does the baptizing?

umm I don´t know.. an elder but usually a member


What is the responsibilities as a senior companion?

Make sure we keep working and focusing on the work! 


What is the craziest thing you have ever done with a companion?

in my first area we just off a wall... :D


What was the most spiritual moment with a companion?

During one of our lessons, we were inviting someone to get baptized and I used an example of Jesus Crist and the spirit was super strong

Do you exercise regularly and what time of day?

I try to everyday but sometimes I just really don´t want too haha but in the morning before showering


What time do you need to be in your apartment?

9 pm 


What time do you go to bed?

10:30 pm 


Do you shower in the morning or night?



Do you have bunk beds?

No.:D but my bed is really small! :D haha


Is it easy or difficult for you to go to sleep? Do you sleep well?

No I fall asleep really fast! yeah I sleep pretty good 


What time do you leave your apartment on p-day?

10 in the morning 

What time is p-day over with?



Do you have laundry at your currant place ?

Like a laundry lady? if so yes we do! 


Where do you email from?

In an internet Café! :D


Do you go on splits ?

no not that often


What do you usually do on p-days?

Clean the room and Buy stuff, if its a district or zone pday we go play sports! :D

What is the hardest thing you have ever done on your mission?

Well actually right now My area that I´m in just became a lot bigger! so Now I´ve got a lot more places to go and people to see


Who has been the most inspirational person you have meet on your mission? Why?

ummm...... probably my companion elder Martinez 

When have you felt the spirt the strongest?

During lesson usually and during my person studies 


What strengthens you faith when you feel down?

Cookies! :D haha 



Top 10 moments of the first half of my mission:

......... umm 1. getting to the mission 2. my first baptism 3. the jokes that my companion and I made 4. speaking Spanish 5. learning how to study..... I´m only going to do five.. sorry I´ve only got like 15 minuets left!                                       


Top 10 ways that I have grown spiritually or changed on the first half of my mission:


1. Studying 2. Praying 3. Teaching 4. Making friends 5. listening to my leaders! 

Love you!!


Monday, July 13, 2015

July 5, 2015

So this week some cup for soccer. So lot's of people were watching the soccer games! I'm so happy because Peru got third!!! and their was also lots and lots of partys going on Because of some Catholic aniversary... somthing I don't know. but it was kinda hard to work this week but we kept pushing forward as much as we could and we put a baptizmal date with an investigator! Also the family that we have has told us that they want to get married and his wife went out today (Monday) to go take out as many papers that are ?nesisary? so they can get married! but they have a problem because the municipalidad wants an original with one of their papers and the sister is origanally from the Jungle which is super far from where we're at right now. But we're figuring out what we can do!  

Literaly all the change was was just transfering our information from lima west to trujillo south. We didn't leave or anything.
No I haven't met the new president yet but he is coming down in friday so we can meet him! 
they'll let us know I think this sunday when theirs transfers. 

I'm really good!!!! but I've got to get going now!! I love you guys!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 29, 2015

Pictures of his appartment!

June 29, 2015

Well this week was really interesting because We had our fairwell with our president! With our last meeting with him he wanted to talk about the atonment and he explained so much stuff about it that I never understood before now I understand a lot more about the Fall of adam and the creation and also the atonment! it was really awesome! and then afterwards we went to the back of chapel as a zone and we kneeled and President Archibald prayed, and as tuff as I am I actually started crying becuase it was the last time that I was going to see the president and I would never get to see any of my friends from this mission again. But I felt a strong Loving feeling come over me that everything is cool and that I will one day get to greet most of my friends from the mission again!  Now I`'m officially pàrt of the Trujillo South mission!!!!! hahaha It`s going to be awesome and So many Baptizms wait for me it`s not even funny!! 
Nobody from my group from the CCM ... just friends I`ve made here! :D

they took from like four or five other mission.

And about that family my companion and I found they went to church!!!! well they were late for the sacrament meeting so they don`t count in any of the numbers but they still came and They really enjoyed it!! :D 

(How's your companion?)
He is really good!!
Yeah we do get along. it`s pretty cool! :D 

Hey I`ve got to get going!! I love you guys!!!!