Thursday, April 7, 2016

April 4 2016

Well this week was awesome! Got my new companion and he is the best! We went around this week visiting members and investigators so that he can get to know them and their families! He´s from Ecuador, Iquito! and he´s got 4and a half months in the mission! Something that I´ve seen in him up to right now is that he really loves the people! Even though he might not see it in him I can see it! The conference was amazing!!! A lot of my questions were answered and just being able to feel the spirit so strong for so long made me feel really good and ready for whatever comes at me! Also I learned that I need to get better at a lot of things as a missionary, lider, and as a son of God! 

They went nuts!!! haha I was down stairs listening to it in english but us gringos! went nuts!!!!

It´s awesome!!! All of the misionaries from the zone looked at me funny because I had my suit! it was aweosme! 

He´s amazing!! :D
Ecuador, Iquito! 
No but he´s practicing! 

No I´ve got one last transfer! haha but I got the call for my flight plannign! haha so I´m coming home the 20th but I don´t know the scheduel of the flights but he said I´ll be getting that soon! 

They´re doing really good! no there aren´t any holes on the bottom. There are little things here and there but they´re still doing really good!

Mar 27 2016

I still haven´t gotten my suit tomorrow I´m going to get it! :D 

So this week was pretty great! The coolest thing that happened is that our investigator came with us to the sisters baptizm that the had! Afterwards she told us that she thought it was really intersting and when the people asked her jokingly when is she going to get baptized she kept telling everyone the 16 of april which is the date that we set with her! So we´re super excited! So transferes came and My companion is leaving! and I´m going to get a new one! his name is Elder Lopez"! I still haven´t met him but here soon I´m going to be able to met him! my companion Elder flores is oging to Casma my last zone! I´m super excited for him"! haha

March 23 2016

I did get my suit ordered and I got it for less that 100 dollars!! haha it`s awesome!
It should be done by saturday!
Transfers are this sunday! 
Because we went to the temple!

Well this passed week was really cool! becuase we were able to visit a lot of people and help a lot of people with some of the doubts! but the coolist part that happened this week was the an investigator, that we didn`t know, went to curch. She had been looking for a church to attend. One night she had a dream the she needed to attend the mormon church so she went and contacted some friends and she showed up on sunday! We still haven`t been able to teach her but we`re super excited to teach her! Also the trip to the temple was a wonderful experience, I got a lot of questions answered and a lot of my questions were answered with ¨I need to have more paciencia¨
Bueno esta semana que pasó fue genial porque hemos podido visitar muchas personas y ayudar con muchas problemas y dudas. Pero lo mas genial que sucedió esta semana que fue una investigadora, que nunca conocimos, a la iglesia. Ella estaba buscando una religión y una noche tuvo un sueño sobre la iglesia mormona y que necesitaba ir. Entonces se contactó algunas de sus amigas y asistió a la iglesia el domingo! Todavía no hemos tenido la oportunidad de enseñarle pero estamos muy emocionados! También el viaje al temple fue una experiencia maravillosa! Recibí muchas respuestas y muchas de mis respuestas eran que necesito tener paciencia!

March 14 2016

Bueno Esta semana nos fue muy bien, hemos podido ayudar a muchas
personas pero algo super genial que pasó esta semana fue que nuestra
investigadora fue a la iglesia! Hemos estado invitándola y tratando de
ayudarla a asistir pero nunca llego. Pero este domingo estábamos
llamándola a invitarla a que venga a la capilla pero no contestaba,
entonces mi compañero y yo llegamos a la capilla y nos sentamos
normal, empieza la reunión y entra la hermana Erika! estábamos tan
emocionados y nos sentamos con ella y algunos miembros vinieron a
saludarla y fue muy bonito!

so there`s a guy here that`ll do it I just need the money! :D I`m
talking to dad about it!
No i haven`t seen everybody else´s. please forward them!
oh hey and also Next week we`re going to be writing on tuesday not on
mondy so don`t freak out!

Testimony for YC

I feel like nephi... haha It´s hard for me to write about spiritual stuff because when you talk the spirit carries the words to their hearts! haha but I´ll try. can I do it in spanish? 

Bueno Me gustaría compartirles acerca de.... hahaha yeah   So I just want you guys to understand how important the gospel is. Before my mission I really didn´t understand anything, why the gospel was so important, the church, this, that, etc. But here in the mission I´ve learned that the gospel is the only way to be happy in the life! I thought I was happy with my videogames, movies, friends, and whatever other thing that I had. But I never fully understood that I was never fully happy with these things. I´ve had my wonderful, and very pactient parents my whole life that have taught me so much, and I never really thought much of what they said or taught. From my expierences, of what I´ve experienced up to right now, is that wickedness was never happiness. The things of the world don´t matter what does matter is God, Jesus, and the Spirit and after those three that family and the church. Right now maybe you don´t understand or you don´t feel the same, But I invite everysingle one of you to Read your Book of Mormon, Pray, and go to Church! Study as much as you can and if you do it you will see they blessings! You will feel as even more happy then you are right now. Also doing these three things will help you with what ever problem that you have Personal or in your Family. God wants us to read, pray, and go to church and putting your faith is him trusting that he will help you will see the blessings! I testify that God loves us and wants what´s best, I know that his son gave his life for us so that through him we could become like him,  and I know that the Spirit will guide you in all of you trails! I love all of you and wish the best for everyisingle one of you!   

                                                                       Elder Durrant 

Feb 29 2016

So this past couple of weeks were fantastic and really sad at the same time.... The fantastic part is that my companion and I rescued 2 members last week and this week! it was fantastic to see them go through this process of coming back to church! Also we were able to have success in our numbers this week with lesson that we`ve taught, and some new investigadors! and etc. But the sad part is that there was a fire in my area. My companion and I were contacting a less active family and a fire went up close by so my companion and I went to go help and see what was going on and as we were walking towards the fire the people were going nuts, crying, screaming for help, wanting to take all of their stuff out of their houses, etc.  it was crazy. we did what we could in some areas and we went to go help a member with her stuff. but in the end the fireman got there and turned off the fire! 

Hey so I talked to my president and he told me that I need to buy a suit coat! I´ve got my pants still just the coat I need! haha So I´m going to be asking around and finding out how much it´ll be. Because I´ts alot cheaper to buy a suit coat here then in the states! 

March 7 2016

so this week flew by really fast!!! my companion and I have been traveling a ton this week.. for some Blessings that the sisters needed and also for su investigator that they had, then also had to go back and have interviews so their investigators could get baptized, and some other things that we´ve been doing! but other then that the week was pretty great! we didnp´t have very much success in the numbers but we did get to help a lot fo people and feel the spirit! right now my companion and I are having some problems helping our investigators progress but we´ve made the goal and we´re practicing that we can speak a little more firm with the people and teach a little more clear so they don´t make any mistakes. It´s been going pretty well but we´re still getting better and it feels good to be able to hlep this people!  

They´re doing good, they´re getting help from a lot of people to be able to rebuild, actually they´re almos done just missing some pieces here and there. None of the members were afected by the fire all of their houses are okay! 

Feb. 22 2016

So this week has been really interesting because my companion and I have been visiting a lot of less actives and they told us the reasons why they left, and a lot of their stories are the same.... so my companion and I have decided that we`re going to go and visit members to see if they need help or to just share something with them so that they can keep progressing and feel the spirit! Also this week we saved a less active family!!!! The sister Olga and her husband Juan! They`re so awesome and amazingly funny! Sister Olge never lost her testimony (she`s one of the happiest people I know) she just got super busy and there wasn`t time to come to church but we saved them and their so excited to get back into the church activities and stuffs! :D 

Hey I also forgot I lost my suit coat!!1 hahaha we moved rooms and when we moved it got lost...... My companion put it in the car and we`re thinking that maybe somebody came up and took it... because we can`t find it and the owner of the car doesn`t have it.. haha I`ve still got my pants just the coat dissappeared

I love you guys!!! and have fun without me! :D haha