Monday, February 23, 2015

February 23,2015

(The payson temple is almost done) 
That´s awesome!! haha I kinda want to see the Temple! :D

My shoes are Doing pretty good! I haven´t had any problems yet! :) my clothes the same! just a pair of my socks have holes in them. :D

The Bugs are fine! :D They live in there own little world while I live here! :D I haven´t gotten anything yet it´s all good! 

(What are you doing today?)

Nothing much! haha Just waiting for the pictures to finish! :D 
We don´t have P-days like we used to! :D we only get to see the district and zone every month! :D

We slept and bought food.... there isn´t anything to see here in lima! :D

Yeah!! they´re done!! I´ve got to go!! I love you guys!!! 

February 16,2015

So this week has been a pretty interesting week.... hahaha I got my new companion, Elder Hernandez, And he´s really cool, I really like him!! He´s Peruvian and only has 6 months left in his mission! So he´s starting to think about his house and I´m trying to slap it out of him! :D anyway He got sick.... hahahaha.... sick enough that we had to stay in the house for 2 days because if he had left we would have had to change his pants... a lot....  ;D But during this time of sickness I studyed a reallly awesome talk from Joesph smith! I read it like 5 times and Learned something new every time!! also I watched the testaments, and legacy... It was  areally good time! Then when he got better we went and visited some Members and some of the investigators that we got! So thats really all we did this week sorry... I didn´t leave the house so nothing super awesome happened!! :D

Sunday, February 15, 2015

February 9,2015

yeah! :D hey I can´t send pictures.... I´m in a computer place where the computers give viruses to the usbs..... so I can´t plug it in without destroying all of the things on my usb:D

This weeks been kind of a slower week because its soooooo hot!!! hhaha the mornings are nuts! your trying to study and your falling asleep because it´s just the right temperature to take a nap! and then during the day you just walk outside and you´re instantly wet because of the humidity and sweat! :D but other then that it´s pretty normal and I´m still having a fantastic time! It´s the end of this transfer but I´m still waiting to find out who leaves and who´s going to stay!! I can honestly say that I´ve been attacked by a dog now..... hahah just kidding!!! it was like a little shih tzu puppie that grabbed my pants!! I was shaking..... other then that nothing really crazy has happened. We´ve been working with some families where they´ve kind of lost some of their animo in the church. So we went in and my companion compartió su testimonio y ellos no podían controlar sus sentimientos y lloraran y después ellos nos explicaron todo que estaba pasando en sus vidas y los cosas que fueron quitando su animo para ir al templo... So we fixed that then we went home and passed out because of how tired we were! :D Thats my super awesome expierence this week! I hope you´re all having fun without me!!! 
Today is a free day!!!! But I´ve gotta go now!! I love you guys!!!!!!

February 2,2015

I´ve gotta go!! I love you guys so much!!! have fun without me!:D

(He did say much this week)