Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22 2014

yoyoy what up everybody???? I haven´t been up to much just the usual waking up and studying and the teaching people! the usual! This week has been a little longer week because I kinda started freaking myself out about spanish... but it´s fine now Because of this i´ve gotten a little more comfertable and it comes a lot easier now! :D Anyways my companion and I have mainly been hunting down members that live around us and finding where referels live... it´s so hard to find houses in the place it´s not even funny!.. anyway we´ve been doing that and the guy I talked about last week, when we went to visit him He had a really big smile on his face and told us that he got his answer through a dream! but I couldn´t understand what he was saying about his dream.... But he got his answer and that´s all that matters! anyways I hope your all doing Good!! :D


Do you have a problem with fleas?
I haven´t had any problems with flea´s.... yet (knocks on wood)

Can you get flea collars down there?
Yeah I can get them down here!

Have you used any of the oils we sent with you?
The bug one a little because I got a bite and it wasn´t going away but it´s gone now! and the mint one because my nose was really stuffy

Do you wish you took a shoe shine kit?
No not really because it´s super dusty here so cleaning them is kinda impossible.

How's you spanish
Its better!

Do you get to watch conference in English?
I hope so!!!!

Has a dog bit you yet?
No.... haha the dogs here are scared of us!"

Did you get a oven or a microwave yet?
Yeah we got a microwave!

How your house help?
we don´t have house help... we take our laundry to a lady!

How's the people?
Fantastic! and catholic!

Do they have halloween there?
They have halloween! haha 

Anything exciting going on over there?
Not really... well theres like some presidency thing going on... idk

Do you get to stay with you companion until he leaves in november?
I have no idea! haha I hope so!

Can you get Oreos over there?
Yes but they aren´t the same!

Is there any American candy over there?
Nothing american... 

Do they play basketball?
Yes... but all the rims are ripped off...

How's your mission president?
He´s really great!! I´ve come to the conclusion that he can convince a baby to baptise a family!

He hasn't changed!!

His companion

Monday, September 15, 2014

Well everybody, this week has been a super normal week...

Well everybody, this week has been a super normal week! We contacted some referels, we talked to some people in the street, and visited some members! My companion told me that the zone we are in was nicked named the zone of punish... those who were sent here were sent here to get punished! haha so the president wants to change that so that`s why most of our zone is new kids, because we haven`t herd of the zone and we have the burning fire to work! :D so with that knowledge me and my companion decided that we need to gain the trust of the members if we are going to be more succesfull! My spanish has gotten better! My zone leader told me that I`m in this process of where my brain is translating Spanish to English... so when I talk I`m translating from English to Spanish but when people talk I can`t understand them because my brain hasn`t switched back yet... but other than that it`s going fantastic! so my companion bought this stuff called El Manjar! IT IS SOOOOOOOO GOOOODDDDDD I can`t even describe it to you it`s so good... it`s kinda like carmel, and it goes fantastic on oreos! anyways... we also taught this guy and I could hardly understand him but he talked to some Jehova`s witnesses and they gave a pamplet thing but he had a ton of questions they couldn`t answer! so we went and visited him. As he was talking I looked into his eye`s and could see his soul like "help me"... but I couldn`t talk to him.... yeah but we have an appointment with him later this week!
I hope you are all doing good!!!!! 

-Elder Durrant

Coolest thing?
for P-day we hiked a mountain all the way to the top and the view was amazing.

Scariest thing?
Some of the dogs here are pretty ugly... like they are walking around with their bones sticking out of their body...
Did you get your package?
I have recieved my package!!! hahah I was so happy!!!
How is church?
it`s church... but in spanish.... hahaha

Monday, September 8, 2014

this place is awesome!! :D

Alright so this week has been a pretty normal missionary week! finaly"! :D we taught some people, knocked on doors,ate at members houses. I´m kinda bad at teaching because I don´t know the language so I try to participate as much as possible but it´s usually not very much! but we taught this dude who owns a restaurant and the spirit was very strong and after we finished teaching and prayed his wife came out with some food.... it was alright but not the best and she also gave us some of this juice stuff that.... just.. no... haha anyway this other guy in the restaurant started asking us question and I couldn´t really understand what was being said so I was looking around the restaurant and the owners wife was breastfeeding her baby right in the middle of the place!!!! I quickly turned around and focused on the questions.... later I asked my companion what just happened and he said that its pretty normal that that happens............ anyways we also gave a couple members of the family Mancilla de la cruz some blessings because they are sick. I´m really injoying this place when the days start to be the same somthing interesting happenes!!1 like when we were coming here to the internet cafĂ© a lady got hit by a car!! she got up and started yelling at the driver! I´ve been reading the scriptures a lot in spanish and english and it has helped my so much! I´ve noticed my spanish is a lot better and I can feel the spirit a lot stronger during lessons! :D Well that´s pretty much it for my weekly update!

  -Elder Durrant

My questions 

How is the food?  The food here is pretty fantastic! I stay away from the sea food but everything else so far has been pretty normal!

Did you get your package? I don´t know... we get our mail in one bunch every month..

How is your branch? Pretty small... but the people are very nice!

Do you wear your footy pjs? I haven´t yet! I think i´m going to wait until it gets colder!

What is your favorite part ofPeru?  The way Peru works! like the taxi´s and the people!

Have you gotten sick yet? Just small colds! (knocks on wood)

What can't you buy in peru? I don´t know... I haven´t really needed a lot yet.

Craziest moment inPeru?  

I witnesed a lady breastfeed in a restaurant and also a lady get hit by a car...

How many times have you been asked "how tall are you"? Everyday at least 6 times a day...

How is your companion ? Awesome!! it´s his last two months so he´s super energetic!

Do you miss us yet? :)

Yes!!! I wake up and realize that I´m in peru not my bed at home!

What are those rolls in the picture?  I have no idea... but they are soooooooo gooooooodddddd1!!! hahaa

Cool pictures – kinda gross too.  Is the Inca cola good?  Did they tell you not to drink the water and do you have to boil all your water?  How do you cook??

Yes!!!! ITS AMAZING!!! you guys need to get some from that peruvian restaurant! yeah we can´t drink the water... no we don´t have a stove and also our microwave is broken... so we have this box the is full of purified water! :)

What the heck is that castle?
It´s a peruvian castle!! haha I honostly have no idea! that´s what we did last P-day!

Monday, September 1, 2014

My first week was fantastic!!!!!

                                                My first week was fantastic!!!!! 

Okay so.... the CCM is no more!! I now am out in the field... but I haven´t been able to teach much because my companion is the district leader and I´m a newbie so the past week we leave early in the morning and come home late at night.. We had one meeting that started at 11:30 but it was 3 hours away from where we leave.. so we had to take a bus all the way there it also didn´t end until 6 so we didn´t get home till way late. All the people here just stare at me in amazment because of how tall I am and also because I´m white!... hahaha  So my first apartment here was terrible.. by that I mean disgusting but we moved to this brand new room... and It is amazing! there should be pictures I hope... anyways so traveling here is awesome its one sole, which is about 50 cents, to get from where we live to the boulivard. then we hop onto a bus which costs about 8 soles (4 bucks) and we can go to Lima! also the buses have movies on them.... we try not to watch them but we usually end up watching them. a couple of the movies have been blended, and the illusionist! they were fanstastic" but in spanish... so I really didn´t get much of the movie. The food here is actually pretty good! the only super skechty thing I´ve eating was the spine of a chicken.... haha but it tasted pretty good!! My companion is pretty sick! he hardly speaks any english but we talk like we´ve been best friends for years! I really like him! Everything here is dirt cheap! I found a pair of Beats headphones for 20 dollars!! there´s also this yogurt that doesn´t need to be refridgerated because of some chemical in it... but it tastes really good and my zone leader says its safe so I drink it! That´s about it... I mean I haven´t done much but travel and look at the sites... Oh.. wait! I forgot me and my companion were walking down a street when this guy stopped us and said he prayed to God and asked him if the book of mormon was true. later that night he had a dream about me and my companion and the book of mormon so we are teaching him on tuesday! I hope you are all having an amazing time"!" peace out!! :D  Love    -Elder Durrant  

Questions we asked:  

Who is your companion?  

He´s from chille! Elder Roco 

They had a big meeting with everyone who was being transfered  that day, and they put our picture up onto a screen and the did a drum roll to see who our companions were! He is really funny and really nice! we get along really well! The people are amazing!! They drive like maniacts though! We moved like my third day out here but our first one was nasty... I can´t even explain how bad it was... it was really bad.. but our new one was built really reacently so its really nice but we don´t have our water heater installed so its cold.... really cold...My bed is fantastic! compared to the one in CCM It´s amazing! 

The closest missionary´s are the sisters and they like in the city that´s a 5 min drive! The Branch was alright!... I didn´t understand any of it but it was pretty normal...  the food here is pretty fantastic! I can´t eat stuff of the street but its all pretty good! Same here!!!!   the dogs are actually really nice! but If one comes running at you, all you have to do is bend over and fake like you´re going to throw a rock at it and it will run away!  where we live its kinda small but where all the stores are is a little bigger!  the stores here are little rooms in the walls filled with stuff! haha and it´s all dirt cheap!  I´m on the coast! I live right by the beach!

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