Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 29, 2015

Pictures of his appartment!

June 29, 2015

Well this week was really interesting because We had our fairwell with our president! With our last meeting with him he wanted to talk about the atonment and he explained so much stuff about it that I never understood before now I understand a lot more about the Fall of adam and the creation and also the atonment! it was really awesome! and then afterwards we went to the back of chapel as a zone and we kneeled and President Archibald prayed, and as tuff as I am I actually started crying becuase it was the last time that I was going to see the president and I would never get to see any of my friends from this mission again. But I felt a strong Loving feeling come over me that everything is cool and that I will one day get to greet most of my friends from the mission again!  Now I`'m officially pàrt of the Trujillo South mission!!!!! hahaha It`s going to be awesome and So many Baptizms wait for me it`s not even funny!! 
Nobody from my group from the CCM ... just friends I`ve made here! :D

they took from like four or five other mission.

And about that family my companion and I found they went to church!!!! well they were late for the sacrament meeting so they don`t count in any of the numbers but they still came and They really enjoyed it!! :D 

(How's your companion?)
He is really good!!
Yeah we do get along. it`s pretty cool! :D 

Hey I`ve got to get going!! I love you guys!!!!

June 28,2015

FW: Change Assignment: Durrant, Alex J. Boyd 

Peru Lima West Mission
Loved Ones of Elder Durrant,

I am writing to inform you that Elder Durrant will have the great opportunity to be part of the new Perú, Trujillo South Misión. We share our excitement and congratulate you all for the great privilege she will have to open a new mission. Attached is the mission change.

June 22, 2015

So yeah.... It`s true. I`m going to the Trujillo south mission! :D hahaha i didn`t know if I was aloud to tell you guys! but I guess it doesn`t matter any more! :D hahaa We get transfered the first of July! I still haven`t met the new mission president and I have no idea how it`s going to be! all I know is that i`m going!

No... I ddin`t have a birthday cake :( hahaha the day was just a normal day.

I went to the stake center and watched it! :D they transmitted it to the whole country! it was really cool and super spiritual! just in the stake center it felt like the temple! I didn`t get to got to the celebration.

 My spiritual experience this week was going to the temple dedication! :D It was my first time being there for one. So I enjoyed it a lot! But other then that this week has been a little frustrating because A lot of people were drunk in their houses watching Soccer. Also I`ve been kinda down on myself and I don`t like it, but what got me out of it was when we taught the Family I could feel the spirit working through me and I could see in the dad`s eyes that he belived me and it made me feel really good! :D
I did have pizza on my birthday! :D it was really good!" 
Thanks! :D I love you!!!! 
I`ve got to get going!!! I love you guys!!! 

No pictures sorry, the computer is bad!

June15, 2015

Well this week we found a pretty great family! The dad has studied the bible and understands a little bit of it but still doesn`t understand a lot. We had a family night with them and then a couple days later we taught the first lesson. We taught and clarified some questions that they had, then taught them the law of chastity. After we explained really good that, the dad said that he felt what we were saying was true and that he was going to read the Book of Mormon and pray and ask. He couldn`t go to church this sunday because he had some government thing he had to go do but he`s going next week! :D

(Do you still have your footy red pj's)
heck yeah I still have them!!!!! I use them everyday! :D 
I still have them. I acutally used one of them the other day! 

(What did you buy with your birthday money)

I`ve boughten a couple watches and I`m going to get a usb! :D 

I can buy a cake... :D 

So these are basically all the pictures I took this week.... sorry I completly forgot to take pictures...

The one isa selfie infront of a jehova`s witnesses church! up in a city in the mountains! :D 
and the other is a missionary from colombia! 
2 attachments

(Have a good 20th birthday. We had a party for you)
I`ll try!!! :D hahaha thanks for having a party fo me! :D
 I tell missionaries here stories of our adventures and they all say that your crazy too! :D haha well they say we`re crazy 

I`m not in lima! :D I`m in Huaraz up here it`s still summer! i think... :D

Love you guys! 

Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8,2015

So this week was interesting because we were trying to finish the 10 ways to find and we had almost done all of them. We had done each different manera but we didn´t reach one of the Goals that we had put. While on a work visit my companion found a family and a couples days later my companion and I found another family. But other then these we haven´t been able to get into any other house. And I´ve been looking for ways that we can get into houses and have lessons but I haven´t been able to figure it out but on the ride back down from Huaraz today Elder Humphris(?) and I were talking and I asked how he does it and he told me that just being happy, like don´t talk gospel stuff at first make friends with them, make them laugh and then when it gets down to it then tell them who you are and why your here. So I´m going to try and be a little more happy this week.

June 1,2015

Well this week kinda sucked haha I still had fun but we didn`t come out with the success my companion and I wanted. The people here are realllllllyyyy catholic and don`t want to change becuase of tradition in their family... but I`ve been thinking lately on what I can do to get into the hearts of the people... it`s been an interesting process and i`m still in the middle of it. Also my companion and I had to drop a family that we were working with becuase he didn`t want to change religons and didn`t want to drop working on sundays. So we dropped them and we`ve been looking for newbies! :D

May 25,2015

This week was pretty interesting because we were working and being obedient but the both of us were a little discouraged because of all the times that we were rejected and the people just being super hard hearted and what not. But here at the the end of the week we decided to work and keep going with a smile on our faces and I saw that the first couple contacts kind of sucked but after a while we started to see people kind of opening up and saying that they would like if we came and visited them! Also this guy came up and contacted us! and we found out that we had contacted his wife a little eairlyer while we were doing one of our Ten ways to find. we now have an appointment with them on Friday! :D So this week I´m going to try and stay positive! Also I´ve been praying to have charity for the people and realise that if I don´t contact them then they might never get the chance to hear the message ever again.

It´s really good! :D actually I´m in an area where they speak a lot of quechua!! which is a completley different language! :D 

No nothing like spanish....

no! haha a lot of people speak spanish too! but we just have to talk a little slower... :D