Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18,2015

I`m really good!! haha this area is amazingly beautiful!! :D

It`s really good! but the people are kinda hard! because all of them are catholics! :D 

So this week was pretty cool for me personally. Because my companion and I asked this guy for directions but we didn`t contact him. Later that same day we were knocking on doors and we found the same guy! So we made an appointment then we left. We came back a couple days later and there he was with his wife waiting for us to come teach him. So we went in and took out a fecha with him, his wife and his 30 year old son! The fecha for them is the 13 de junio! :D But on Sunday they came just after La Santa Cena. The dad is reading and praying but the mom and their son have a small problem with praying, but we`re working on that! :D Other then that the rest of the week was kinda slow because we`re trying to figure out how to get into peoples houses because all of them say that their catholic.. but I know that we`ll be able to get in! A spiritual expirience for me this week was, we were in a lesson with an investigator who owns a radio channel and he believes in the bible and what not. but does not believe in Joseph Smith and the book of mormon. So we taught the first lesson and I had the chance to talk about the restauraciĆ³n and I said the first vision and I felt the spirit super strong, and I know that he felt it. Afterwards I invited him to baptizm and he said yes, but he said he`d read the book of mormon and pray but going to church would be immpossible because he`s got problems with his back and he also has some duty to the municipalidad sunday`s in the morning. So we tryed to find ways that we can help him to get to church but he refused. Then my companion and him kinda got in a little debate about the true church and what not, then he said that he still doesn`t believe in the book of mormon and what not.. so I shared my favorite scripture from the book of mormon and told the story of why it`s my favorite scripture. And again I felt the spirit super strong and he felt it again. then I told him that it`s his choice if he want`s to be saved or not then my companion and I left.

(How is your appartment)

It`s really interesting! :D haha because It`s just one big room haha the beds in one corner and the desks in the other! and we have a garage door as our door! :D It`s called un local! :D

Love elder Durrant

Thursday, May 14, 2015

May 11,2015

So this week was really interesting!! Because I got transfered! now I`m up in Huaraz!!! which is like 8 hours away from Lima! :D but It`s amazing here! Like the people are all super loving and the scenery is amazing!! anyway so this week we didn`t have a ton of success because my companion and I are both new here, and the directions aren`t really the best. But we`ve been doing the best we could and this next week will be a lot different! :D Also I got to see my lovely family on Sunday" which was awesome! So I would like to share my testimony.. I know God is our heavenly father, this past little while I was actually having some doubts run through my mind and this recent week we were in a lesson and I recieved my answer. I know that all of us can become like Christ, we just have to put in the time and the trust to get there! I know that scripture study is super important and that you can find secrets within. I know that the Holy Ghost is real and one of my best friends, I`m just learning how I can learn and follow him but I know he`ll be right next to me at all times. I know that Jesus is the Christ and we can be perfected in him.  Well I hope that you guys have had a fun week this week and I`ll be praying that you can have another! :D

May 4, 2014

Well this week was really interesting because I just chilled witht he zone leaders! :D and it really sucked because I was trying to get members to go with me to my area but almost none of them could go throught the week... also I ran out of credit on my phone and then I recharged the credit and then it went away again.... so getting over to work in my area was kind of hard. but I had a really good time with the zone leaders! :D I got to meet all fo their investigators and I got to learn a lot from them! 
He went home because was super sick! 

Cool! :D So I don´t have a companion right now and I´m being transfered.... so I was thinking I would call around like.... 3 or 4 in the afternoon! :D