Monday, August 31, 2015

Aug 31,2015

This week was awesome!! because I´m in my new area and it´s cool to have this oprotunity to get to know the people from San Jacinto! My companions name is Elder Maldonado and he´s from Ecuador!] haha he´s got 3 months in the mission and he´s been in this area he´s whole mission! he´s super cool and really spritual.He´s from the mission Trujillo! which means that he´s come a completly different way of working but We´re figuring it out and it´s going to be sick!!!  before he came out in the mission he was in the Army and he is a recent convert!  The area that I´m in is pretty big But it´s super far away from any city! haha the closest city is like an hour in car! haha soo it´s district meetings are pretty great! I´m in a branch so we don´t have very many people who go to church but we´re going to change that! :D the people here are really cool and super respectfull. Also in my area there´s a factory of sugar! and it´s in the middle of the city and it´s just makes a bunch of noise 24 hours all day every day! and it´s super annoying but it´s cool I´ve gotten used to it! Everybody and their dog works there so it´s interesting trying to find dad´s at home! but it´s cool I know the lord will bless us! :D 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Aug 25, 2015

So this week has been super interesting because Finally the family that we´ve been working with are going to get married!!!! this week their going to get married but the only problem is that I´ve got transfers!!!!! I´m a little upset because all I´ve wanted is to baptize this guys, but if it´s what God wants I´m willing to do it. Now I can´t remeber from this moments right now but I´m going to a place that´s super hot!! haha and I´m giong to be district leader! I don´t know how well this is going to go but I´ll do the best that I can!!! :D

Monday, August 17, 2015

Aug 10, 2015

Well nothing super cool happened this week, it was a really slow week actually but we had our fun! we went and invited somebody to get baptized and he no. then I said even if god right now came to you and told you, face to face, that you need to change a little bit, would you follow what he says? and he said no... if I like what I like I would say sorry god but I like this and I`m not going to change.... it was kind of frustrating!!! haha but it`s cool we`re still really good friends with the guy! 

When I felt the spirit the strongest is probably when the stake president came to our ward council and set everybody straight, and told them all that they need to work harder if they want to see miracles! it was reallyawesome and I could feel the love that he had for these people! so know they all what to work harder! :)

Hey I`ve got to go!!!! I love you guys!!!!! No I the computer wouldn`t let me... and I don`t really have very many pictures anyway but next week I`m going to send them! :D 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Aug 1,2015

        Bueno esta semana fue muy interesante porque como dije la semana pasada que √≠bamos a visitar miembros y ayudar el obispo con el barrio. Fuimos a algunos miembros y hemos encontrado muchos cosas que necesita este barrio! Nuestras metas que tenemos son de seguir ayudando este barrio crecer.

         My companion and I have been doing really good, We didn´t have a ton of success this week but this next week we´re going to do a lot better and work a lot harder. Now we know a lot more what we can do to help this ward and we´re super excited to get going! :D  
(Have you been robbed)
No I haven´t had anything stollen... :D
Again no I haven´t. every body here is scared of me because of how tall I am
(How's the bugs)
Pretty good! :D just spiders and stuff
(Do you use the oils)
Every once and a while! :D 
(Did you get your appartment fixed)
No but they´re going to come this week to look at it
(Do you use your mattress cover)
Yes! :D haha
(How's your teeth)
Really good... I think I mean their straight and pretty white.
(How's the tooth paste)
Yeah! It´s the same as in the states just in spanish 
No... the computer I have doesn´t accept usbs..... sorry. 
(Do you need anything)
no..... I don´t think so....
(How's your companion) 
He doing really good! haha actually it was my companions birthday recently!
I always tell you the names of my companions! :D haha  his names elder arevalo!