Sunday, June 26, 2016

June 21,16

June 13,16

Well this week has been pretty interesting, at the beginning of the week we were struggling a little to teach and find people, but in our weekly planning my companion and I talked it out a little and we figured out some things that we need to do differente so that we can have some more success. Weel we put, what we had planned, into action and we ended up having a lot of success. It was pretty cool we had contacted a lot of the references that we had recieved and we ended the week with 8 news. It was pretty great! My companion and I were pretty happy with what we had done but we feel that we can do so much more! so this last week is going to rock! And finally we had a Lesson with Melissa! she was so hard to teach her these last few weeks but we finally could teach her! Also we had a pretty epic lesson with Erika and we totally killed the doubt that she has about Diezmos it`s just in her to pray and ask God if it`s real!

Umm I have no idea! They`re saying I might go in saturday, but it`s most likely that I`ll be going in midday on Sunday. 
Well With the zone we had a little party and we had cake! 
No I`m not going to email
I`m totally going to be flying with a ton of missionaries!.

June 7 16

So this weeks been pretty normal! We´ve been teaching some of our investigators and we´ve had some pretty epic lessons my companion and I decided that we need to ask more questions during the lessons so we can tell how the person is understanding and how they feel about what we´re teaching and it´s been going really good! Now I don´t have to talk as much we kind of ask a question and they talk then we talk and then they talk it´s pretty great! Also our investigators that we´ve got progressing are still progressing pretty great it´s just they´re super busy and we can´t hardly teach them! it´s super frustrating!!!! but there we are! Also there aren´t going to be very many pictures because I lost my camera on the bus ride home from the temple but here´s one picture!

I´m down with doing some moving stuff out! it´ls going to be aweosme!

I don´t need anything, it´s fine honostly 

ummm there isn´t anything special I would like haha just whatever you guys usualy get"! 

Monday, May 30, 2016

May 30,2016

Well this week was a little sad but at the same time pretty cool! This week we had an investigator that was going to get baptized this Saturday but she, like last week, got super busy with her family and lot`s of other stuff and she couldn`t go to her interview. She is super determined to get baptized it`s just right when she`s going to take that first step something happens and she can`t do it. My companion and I have done all possible to help her, we had planed to visit her before her interview and also we had been calling, but her phone is broken so that was useless. We were kind of upset that day but the miracle of the week is that our numbers didn`t go down actually they went up! we had a ton of lessons with members and that same day of the interview we found three news! Also we had visited some members and helped them to feel the spirit and to remember the importance of some things! So it was pretty cool! 

May 23,2016

Well this week has been pretty interesting! because well we had a baptism planned for this saturday but it didn`t happen because Melissa got super busy! from Tuesday the day we saw her until saturday in the morning we didn`t see her or teach her, and her brother had her phone so we couldn`t call her either, she literally disapeared! but we found her saturday morning and she told us that she was super sad that she couldn`t get baptized and she explained what had happened. She`s still super excited to get baptized actually she defended the church against her grandma from the states! she said that the church is a sect and Melissa told her ^How can they be a sect if they only believe in god? ^ and after a bunch of other stuff she told us at the very end she told her Gma that what ever happenes I`m getting baptized in this church!!!! she´s pretty cool! The rest of the week has been pretty good the best day of the week was Sunday because We had taught three amazing lessons with Less actives and their families! The spirit was so just en every one of them I just hope that they can make the best decisions!

Flight plans :)

Dear Brother Durrant, Sister Durrant, Bishop Siufanua and President Newman,


Elder Durrant is finishing his mission and we are glad to know him and serve with him during these last years. He is a great missionary, thanks for everything you did for him so that he could be here.


I will send you his itinerary from flight back home. He will travel on June 20.


If you have any question just let me know.




√Člder Alcazar

Secretario Personal del Presidente

May 16,2016

Well this week was pretty cool! My companion and I have been trying to work as much as could witht he members this week like take them to appointments, etc. You couldn`t really see it very well in our numbers but they were there with us almost everyday looking for their friends, taking them to appointments that we had. It kinda sucked because almost every apointment that we had fell when we were with members but we had a lovely time getting to know the members a little more and finding out more about the history of our area! Also we`ve got an investigator thats progressing, actually she was supposed to get baptized this Saturday but she didn`t go to the stake conference so we had to postpone for the 21st of may! But she went to church yesterday so she`s going to get baptized this weekend!!! Awesome also with La hermana Erika we had talked to her and found out that she hasn`t really been reading the Book of Mormon so we`re with her on that! 

Ya that sounds like a good plan! 

It`s also your birthday!!!!!! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!! 
No don`t worry about it I`ll be home soon enough.