Monday, September 28, 2015

Sept 28, 2015

Well this week was pretty great! :D haha after P-day me and elder Gibbson he´s a different district leader in my zone, we went to trujillo to go and fix some papers so we can stay in peru! :D but it was a 4 hour bus ride! but it was fantastic because when we got there we just kinda sat there and waited for like 30 min and then the oficinistas showed up and took us to the offices! and then we slept in their room, then the next day we went out and signed a paper and then we went back to casma! :D haha it was really fun! then the rest of the week we worked liked normal going around talking to people, teaching, preaching! This week we also tryed a new Idea in our branch which its called the Branch Night! :D and it was pretty great! only the members came but the next one we have will be great! :D As of right now my companion and I have to Baptizmal dates! Juan Quiroz, and Jesus Guerrero! :D these two are pretty great! and are progressing a lot! Juan this week told us that he wasn´t going to be able to come to church this week because he was going to help his sister cook somthing but my companion and I taught him why he needs to go and the reason why it´s super important that he can take the sacrament!  and then he showed up in sunday! it was awesome! :D 

The people are fantastic!! :D 
I have lots of friends! :D haha it comes with being a missionary! 
The best is that Juan and Jesus came to church! the worst is that my companion and I didn´t have a super successfull week number wise! :D

I have learned how I can trust in the Lord for everything! 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Sept 21, 2015

So this week was really interesting because my companion had to go to Lima to fix his papers! and he was gone for like almost 3 days! haha So I stayed with an other elder that´s in my district! His name is Elder Alanoca! haha and he´s really awesome! but I forgot to take pictures with him!!! haha but anyway I went and stayed in his area for those 3 days and got to meet all of his investigators that are progressing! I was really cool, then when my companion got back we went and worked like usual in our area! We didn´t find a whole bunch of news but we went out and tried our hardest! But this Sunday in consejo de la Rama we planned with the people that were there that we need to build a base in the Branch before we can move forward! we need to go and ¨Attack¨ the ward members that aren´t coming, and also attack the liders that don´t come to consejo! It´s going to be really awesome! :D 

and for churstmas maybe like Acouple short white sleeved shirst! :D haha and some socks! but that´s about it!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Sept 14, 2015

Well this week kinda sucked... haha my companion and I were working and working, we took out members to go visit invigators and also visit their friends and what not but Every single lesson that we had planned fell through... and the members friends we went to weren´t there. but we Kept working and working trying to get stuff done but it never really happened. But it was really cool becuase in sunday Two of our investigators came to church and they both said it was awesome and they´re excited to come next week! :D haha it was awesome! 

Everything is really good! just a little tireing! haha 
It´s very hot here! and they say it´s only going to get worse! :D ahaha
I´m close to a beach but in the middle of a desert! it´s pretty great! I´m trying to send pictures! 

I half wish i was there to be with you guys and to see grandma but I understand that one day i´ll see her again! and this time she´ll remember my name! ;D hahahaha

Sept. 7 2015

It´s not a ward it´s a branch! :D hha and it´s really good!! the people are really nice nd loving! I really like it here
The President is a really good guy!°!! haha we actually are renting our room from him! it´s pretty cool! :D
It´s great!! theres a big factory right in the middle of the town!
it´s really small! haha like height wise! but other then that it´s fine!
It´s like an hour away!!! and we have to take two cars! :D 

So this week was really interesting because My companion and I have been working pretty hard! haha we went nd contacted a buch of old investigators and members and everybody! we didn´t have a super succefull week but now we´ve got like a base to work with! It´s going to be awesome! a spiritual moment that I had this week would probably b e that when my companion and I were in a lesson the lady talked about how she ws scared to pray with her eyes shut because she feels like satan is going to attack her! but we explained to her that if she imagined that god was there listening to her she would feel a lot better!