Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Nov 9 2015

Well This week was really interesting. The Beginning of the week really sucked because of many reasons! but the end of the week was really awesome because my companion and I went and found some new people to teach and slaso we went out preaching with members! it was preatty great! So What I have found this week was really interesting but to help you guys understand better we´ll start from the beginning. So this past few weeks I`ve been having an internal battle between myself and God. and the battle was so intense that my poor little new companion was suffering just as much as I was. I had been searching the scriputers doing a ton of stuff trying to find answers! and one day I went and took out a big stack of papers that I have. In this stack there are all of the weekly letters that President Archibald (my old mission president) wrote us. From the beginning of my mission until the change of the mission. So what I did was I read every single one of those papers. because I was still looking for answers! And what I found when I was searching through all of this papers was the answers I had been looking for. I had forgotten lot`s of things that I had learned from my mission. But now Thanks to my  Heavenly Father I have found What, and who I am, and who I always will be! :D

(Did you get your package)
I did! :D

(When is your release date)

I`ve got a guess but it`s a surprise I can`t tell you! ;)
(What about uvu)
  Umm Well If you could start that would be nice! :D haha just sign me up for the basic classes and what not and I`ll figure out the rest when I get home! 

Oct 26, 2015

So this week was really interesting because my companion and I have been trying to figure out what we can do to have success we`re still en the process but we`re getting there! :D Also it kinda sucked because we took out one of our converts out to go find some of his friends and some of our investigators but nobody was home and we went out walking around or like 3 hours looking for people! haha but it was an awesome expirience! Also we had a family night with some members and they brought a few of their family members! it was awesome! 
(Did you get my package)

They told me it`s in the offices but they haven`t sent it this way yet...