Monday, December 29, 2014

December 29,2014

This week was a really interesting week. On Christmas Eve during the day we went out and knocked doors because all of our appointments fell through so we were out knocking on doors and we found a lot of people who said the wanted to listen, but they were either women alone in the house or teenagers. So we got appointments to return through out the week. Then on Christmas day we went out to find all these people but they either weren`t there or were way drunk! haha but we still had lessons I just thought it was funny how drunk some people were! :D So we got a family that is investigating, the family Sifuentes, They are a really good family but they aren`t married.... but.. We told them that they are living in sin and that they need to get married. The next visit when we showed up we asked if they had talked about getting married and they said that they want to get married on their anniversery! Which is the 3rd of February! We also have couple other people that are proggressing but this week all of them were basically in Lima all weekend so they all missied out on church.

hahaha It`s just really funny because it`s their anniversary of living together! hahah not dating! 

I`VE GOT TRANSFERSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 I go to Lima tomorrow!

(Are you sad)

Yes.... haha My companion and I have a line of baptizms coming! 
haha I have no idea how to feel! 

December 22, 2014

So this week was pretty interesting! haha This Tuesday my companion and I went to find a reference from a member but they weren´t home so we decided to go knocking doors. We knocked on a couple and nobody answered but on the third or fourth door we got to was open and had a huge Christmas tree. After first we yeld hello inside but nobody came so I knocked on the open door and a shirtless dude came out. He said he was sorry because he was washing clothes, we said it was alright and interduced La Dádiva to him and he look really excited and said yes he really wants to see it, but his T.V. died so he sent a little his little niece to go ask her mother if we could watch it at there house. She came back and said that we could watch it so we went into the house and it was full of people! 8 people to be exact.. but 2 of them came in after the video so we didn´t count them! :D

My companion and I are fantastic! He is making me work hard, which is really good, and we are progressing as a companionship to! I´ve been teaching a lot more and My Spanish has spiked this week. My companion and I have been doing practices of teaching and when to flip flop and when its a good time to answer, and when its a good time to pause and let the spirit talk! Its great time! :D

We had our party on Friday! so I´m emailing like normal today! :D I´ve only got like 40 min to skype... so Idk how it´s going to go down! and We changed the time that I´m going to call you guys because I forgot about the time change thing! haha I´m going to call around 12 in the afternoon here.. so like 10 over there in utah! :D 

Also I have recieved the package!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I´m sorry but I opened!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!! hahaha

December 15th

This week we have a couple of investigators that are very interested and we have been teaching! The name of one of them is Maria Flores, she has here 2 year old son and the dad ran away so we go with members to teach her, but she said she prayed and felt that this is something she needs to do! :D I wasn`t there because we had a work visit but that`s what my companion told me! The second is the Family Sifuentes, they are a family of 7 but the littlest one has 7 years so we can`t baptize him. They are an amazing family and the dad said he`s trying to find a religion for his whole family, and his kids really like us and they always want us to be there, and they really want to go to the church! They have a Fecha for the 17th of January! We asked them if they were married and they told us yes, But at church when the sisters asked the Hermana if they were married she said no... so we`re going to ask them later if they are or not! :D

My companion and I are fantastic! :D We have been working on letting me talk more during the lessons, which has helped with my spanish a ton! :D 

I`m doing fantastic! I haven`t had anything try to kill me yet... and I haven`t really had any super spiritual experiences this week other then letting the spirit talk through me during the lessons! :D

Dec 8

I sent Alex a mad libs...this is what he sent back....:)

Dear Mommy

Things on the mission are going Peachy!

I have eaten Chocolate cereal for breakfast. It is Glorious!

The best thing about the mission is Que estoy aqui para compartir El Evangelio!

The hardest thing about the mission is studying in the mornings

The weather here is Humid! 

Our mode(s) of transportation Taxi`s or Walking (state mode(s) of transportation) is Cramped and stuffy

On P-day the funnest thing I do is Write home!

On P-day, the lamest thing I do is walk around...

Please send: Dad my love... :D

I miss you and love you.

Elder Durrant!

Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1,2015

Woo!!! Sorry I didn´t write last week!! I kinda forgot and then we ended Internet and I hadn´t written it yet! :D Any way, what´s happened the past couple of weeks is that I got my new companion, his name is Elder Martinez, and he is amazing!! haha he knows how to work hard and to have fun at the same time! which is perfect for me! He told me recently that when transfers were coming up he could feel that he was going to be transfered, so he prayed that he would be sent somewhere where he could baptize weekly! and the Lord sent him to me.... so we have plans to work really hard and to party all the way through! :D Also I´ve had a couple expierences that were kinda Spiritual for me! now that I´ve started to be able to understand Spanish a lot more I can understand what they are saying and a scripture will pop into my head. I usually didn´t pay that much attention to it when it happened but I´ve started to realise it´s happening and that I need to act on it! So during a lesson with my convert Adrian we were talking about something... I honostly didn´t understand the story but from the words that I did understand a scripture popped into my head in D&C about forgiving people, let me give you some background.. the mother of Adrian was crying because someone yeld at her and Adrian was a little upset.. this was the situation I was in... I didn´t fully understand the story but I knew something had happened so I asked my companion if it was a good idea to share this scripture. He said yes and I shared it explained it a little and bore my testimony that it´s our job to forgive everybody.. and the Sprirt was so strong that Adrian had a blank face(He makes a face when he is reciving new information) and his mother stopped crying and said thank you thank you... And thats my spiritual expirence this week! :D

Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014

My new companion is fantastic!!! 
He`s from Guatimala! 
And we get along fantastically! 
It`s really nice because he knows how to work and have fun at the same time! :D

(What are you doing for pday)

No... we`re just going to go play pool... because we`re missin a lot of people from our district..

(I ask Alex if he felt the earthquake)

Yeah... no not really.. haha the members were all freaking out but I was outside walking around so I didn`t feel it!

Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17,2014

Yoyoyoy What up everybody!!!!  Sooo..... this week I didn´t really do anything special.... hahah this was my companions last week so he wasn´t really up to do anything.. so.. hahah we basically just visited all the people that he wanted to go see before he left! after that we didn´t really do anythingl... haha! anyway so he had to go to Lima for a couple days becasue of ending mission stuffs... but I´ve been with Elder Huaman for the past couple days because his companion left too.. So its kinda a party!! So I find out who my new campanion is tomorrow! So I´m pretty much just waiting for him to get here! 

When My companion was cleaning out his stuff He gave me a bunch of random stuff!! like his little handbag thing that he had and just a bunch of random stuff! haha 

Hey I gotta get going!! See you next week!!! I love you guys!!!

Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014

So this week was pretty awesome!!!! I got to go to the temple on Thursday, which was amazing and really strange at the same time! it was amazing because it was Spanish and I understood everything, and its the temple..... and it was really strange because everything in the temple is short and really packed in.. the changing room the doors barely cover half my body.... hahaha anyway another amazing thing that happened this week is that I had another baptizm!!! he is a little nine year old kid and he`s nuts! like crazy! haha but when he was baptized he was totally chill and didn`t act out... and he barley comes halfway up my thigh.. so baptizing him was really interesting... now sorry that this weeks thing is a little short, I didn`t really do anything different this week... Hopefully you guys are having fun without me!! :D

The other day. there is this group of dogs that live on top of this house.. and they always bark at me and my companion. So one day I took off running barking at the dogs before they could start barking! I won... they stopped barking..

Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014

Wooo!!! so this weeks been a really normal week! Just kinda walking around teaching people, Adrian recieved the Aaronic Priesthood Sunday!! it was kinda cool! :D So I had a work visit this week and one of my Zone leaders came down and he had an idea for finding people so we carried this big box about ten minuets away from my house and he put some book of mormons on it.. pamphlets.. just stuff and we sat there and nobody was in the streets... after about ten minutes of sitting there a school got out close by and some people walked by but nobody wanted anything.. after a little bit a couple ladies with their kids came over and took a couple book of mormons and we got their directions.. later in the week my companion and I went to find one of the houses and inside we found a member that we didn´t know excited! so that was cool.. oh... and when I got back with my companion he told me that we are going to the Temple..... He told me that one of his converts is going to the Temple and I get to go with him!!!!! yeah!!!!!! 

Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27,2014

yoyoyo What up homies!! This week was kind of a longer week... not because it was hard, because of all the meetings I had. I had to go to leader training meeting with my companion because he it the district leader.. that was tuesday.. Wednesday morning I had to go to Lima to start my papers for my Visa, stayed the night in Lima. The next day we finished the papers, Which took all day!! haha but thats okay. We travel by bus so I didn´t get home until really late, and then Friday we went to a meeting in ventanilla which is about 45 min away from huaral... and that meeting was all day also... so this week was full of just travel and sitting and waiting in line for visa. It was kinda awesome though because I was able to see all of my friends from CCM, and talk to them about their lives, and whats going on in there areas! I had a really good week! It just felt really long because I couldn´t do work! oh well! So the other day my companion and I were sitting there resting from all the walking we had been doing and a dude started talking to us.. in the middle of the conversation a drunk dude came up to us and said that he is a gringo.. and he was born in the United states and was white. but He´s lived in Perú for 30 years so his skin is dark and he has turned into a Peruvian.... hahaha!!! So.... I´ve got some news... My companion and I had a baptizm Saturday!!!! And I was the one that baptized him!! It was awesome! I was kinda nervous at first but once I got into the font the words just flowed out of my mouth! Other than that nothing else has really happened... I hope that you guys are having fun with your lives!! :D