Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2,2015

Well I pretty much eat rice and chicken everyday!! haha there´s other stuff but pretty much rice and chicken! :D
With the heat right now I don´t even where my ties in the morning! 
We have a returned missionary that likes to help the missionaries so we went out the other day and we found a dude who has special "Gifts" from God! But I honostly don´t remeber all of it so I´m not going to try! :D
The Bishop is awesome!!! haha He´s really funny and can speak a little bit of english! :D
They call me GringAso! haha which basically means really big white dude! :D

(Pdays) yeah but our President wanted it this way! :) I had to leave early from that meeting so I didn´t get to listen to that! 

Transfers are the 17th and I don´t know... I kinda want to leave but I really want to stay!! haha I don´t know! 

No I haven´t gotten it yet! (His package)

We ate pizza as a district today!!! :D haha

(Did those people get married?)

Not yet!! haha but this friday they´re going to! :D

 hey I´ve got to go!!! I love you guys!!!!!

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