Monday, February 23, 2015

February 23,2015

(The payson temple is almost done) 
That´s awesome!! haha I kinda want to see the Temple! :D

My shoes are Doing pretty good! I haven´t had any problems yet! :) my clothes the same! just a pair of my socks have holes in them. :D

The Bugs are fine! :D They live in there own little world while I live here! :D I haven´t gotten anything yet it´s all good! 

(What are you doing today?)

Nothing much! haha Just waiting for the pictures to finish! :D 
We don´t have P-days like we used to! :D we only get to see the district and zone every month! :D

We slept and bought food.... there isn´t anything to see here in lima! :D

Yeah!! they´re done!! I´ve got to go!! I love you guys!!! 

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