Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Oct 12, 2015

So this week was amazing!!!! because I got the oportunity to go to trujillo and get my new companion!! :D haha I´m trainning the poor guy.. I hope he doesn´t die in my hands.... :D haha anyway he´s really cool! he´s from Peru! actually he´s from my old mission! it´s really awesome! but he doesn´t know any of my friends that were in ventanilla. He´s 18 years old and he´s a little shy but we´re working on it! ;D Also he´s super lucky because he only had like three days in the field and he already has two baptizms! haha it´s awesome! The two that got baptized are Juan and Jesus! and there was one more but he was a baptizm for the branch! That was really cool and then the day after that we went to the temple! so this new missionary in his first week has done some many things! :D haha it´s really cool! 

(How's your new companion?)
He´s doing really good! haha just trying to get used to the mission! 
He´s from peru! from my old mission!
(What was your favorite part of this week)
Well I baptized two people! and also we went to the temple! :D 

(Did you get your package)

No.. I haven´t... sorry.

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