Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Oct 5 2015

(Did you get to watch conference)
I watched all of it yes! :D but the speakers kinda sucked so I didn`t understand some of it! :D but that`s fine I know I`ll get to study it one day! :D
I Watched the saturday sessions in the stake center and then the sunday in My area :D
I Really like Elder Hollands talk also but I really like President Monsons talk! :D
(How are your investigators)
They`re doing really good! haha One of them was sick so he couldn`t go, and the other did go but only in the last session on sunday! 

I have no Idea who that person is... haha maybe if i saw a picture of him! 

I start studying at 8 in the morning! :D

I`ve still got my sock from last year! :D but send just stuff! haha like toys and what not! :D oh and also those little plastic ctr rings! :D hahaReally that`s fun! :D haha so i forgot to tell ou guys the transferes are today! :d haha my companion is being transfered and I`m going to train in the same area!! 

I`m doing really good!

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