Sunday, June 26, 2016

June 13,16

Well this week has been pretty interesting, at the beginning of the week we were struggling a little to teach and find people, but in our weekly planning my companion and I talked it out a little and we figured out some things that we need to do differente so that we can have some more success. Weel we put, what we had planned, into action and we ended up having a lot of success. It was pretty cool we had contacted a lot of the references that we had recieved and we ended the week with 8 news. It was pretty great! My companion and I were pretty happy with what we had done but we feel that we can do so much more! so this last week is going to rock! And finally we had a Lesson with Melissa! she was so hard to teach her these last few weeks but we finally could teach her! Also we had a pretty epic lesson with Erika and we totally killed the doubt that she has about Diezmos it`s just in her to pray and ask God if it`s real!

Umm I have no idea! They`re saying I might go in saturday, but it`s most likely that I`ll be going in midday on Sunday. 
Well With the zone we had a little party and we had cake! 
No I`m not going to email
I`m totally going to be flying with a ton of missionaries!.

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