Sunday, June 26, 2016

June 7 16

So this weeks been pretty normal! We´ve been teaching some of our investigators and we´ve had some pretty epic lessons my companion and I decided that we need to ask more questions during the lessons so we can tell how the person is understanding and how they feel about what we´re teaching and it´s been going really good! Now I don´t have to talk as much we kind of ask a question and they talk then we talk and then they talk it´s pretty great! Also our investigators that we´ve got progressing are still progressing pretty great it´s just they´re super busy and we can´t hardly teach them! it´s super frustrating!!!! but there we are! Also there aren´t going to be very many pictures because I lost my camera on the bus ride home from the temple but here´s one picture!

I´m down with doing some moving stuff out! it´ls going to be aweosme!

I don´t need anything, it´s fine honostly 

ummm there isn´t anything special I would like haha just whatever you guys usualy get"! 

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