Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014

So this week was pretty awesome!!!! I got to go to the temple on Thursday, which was amazing and really strange at the same time! it was amazing because it was Spanish and I understood everything, and its the temple..... and it was really strange because everything in the temple is short and really packed in.. the changing room the doors barely cover half my body.... hahaha anyway another amazing thing that happened this week is that I had another baptizm!!! he is a little nine year old kid and he`s nuts! like crazy! haha but when he was baptized he was totally chill and didn`t act out... and he barley comes halfway up my thigh.. so baptizing him was really interesting... now sorry that this weeks thing is a little short, I didn`t really do anything different this week... Hopefully you guys are having fun without me!! :D

The other day. there is this group of dogs that live on top of this house.. and they always bark at me and my companion. So one day I took off running barking at the dogs before they could start barking! I won... they stopped barking..

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