Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17,2014

Yoyoyoy What up everybody!!!!  Sooo..... this week I didn´t really do anything special.... hahah this was my companions last week so he wasn´t really up to do anything.. so.. hahah we basically just visited all the people that he wanted to go see before he left! after that we didn´t really do anythingl... haha! anyway so he had to go to Lima for a couple days becasue of ending mission stuffs... but I´ve been with Elder Huaman for the past couple days because his companion left too.. So its kinda a party!! So I find out who my new campanion is tomorrow! So I´m pretty much just waiting for him to get here! 

When My companion was cleaning out his stuff He gave me a bunch of random stuff!! like his little handbag thing that he had and just a bunch of random stuff! haha 

Hey I gotta get going!! See you next week!!! I love you guys!!!

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