Sunday, February 15, 2015

February 9,2015

yeah! :D hey I can´t send pictures.... I´m in a computer place where the computers give viruses to the usbs..... so I can´t plug it in without destroying all of the things on my usb:D

This weeks been kind of a slower week because its soooooo hot!!! hhaha the mornings are nuts! your trying to study and your falling asleep because it´s just the right temperature to take a nap! and then during the day you just walk outside and you´re instantly wet because of the humidity and sweat! :D but other then that it´s pretty normal and I´m still having a fantastic time! It´s the end of this transfer but I´m still waiting to find out who leaves and who´s going to stay!! I can honestly say that I´ve been attacked by a dog now..... hahah just kidding!!! it was like a little shih tzu puppie that grabbed my pants!! I was shaking..... other then that nothing really crazy has happened. We´ve been working with some families where they´ve kind of lost some of their animo in the church. So we went in and my companion compartió su testimonio y ellos no podían controlar sus sentimientos y lloraran y después ellos nos explicaron todo que estaba pasando en sus vidas y los cosas que fueron quitando su animo para ir al templo... So we fixed that then we went home and passed out because of how tired we were! :D Thats my super awesome expierence this week! I hope you´re all having fun without me!!! 
Today is a free day!!!! But I´ve gotta go now!! I love you guys!!!!!!

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