Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Aug 1,2015

        Bueno esta semana fue muy interesante porque como dije la semana pasada que íbamos a visitar miembros y ayudar el obispo con el barrio. Fuimos a algunos miembros y hemos encontrado muchos cosas que necesita este barrio! Nuestras metas que tenemos son de seguir ayudando este barrio crecer.

         My companion and I have been doing really good, We didn´t have a ton of success this week but this next week we´re going to do a lot better and work a lot harder. Now we know a lot more what we can do to help this ward and we´re super excited to get going! :D  
(Have you been robbed)
No I haven´t had anything stollen... :D
Again no I haven´t. every body here is scared of me because of how tall I am
(How's the bugs)
Pretty good! :D just spiders and stuff
(Do you use the oils)
Every once and a while! :D 
(Did you get your appartment fixed)
No but they´re going to come this week to look at it
(Do you use your mattress cover)
Yes! :D haha
(How's your teeth)
Really good... I think I mean their straight and pretty white.
(How's the tooth paste)
Yeah! It´s the same as in the states just in spanish 
No... the computer I have doesn´t accept usbs..... sorry. 
(Do you need anything)
no..... I don´t think so....
(How's your companion) 
He doing really good! haha actually it was my companions birthday recently!
I always tell you the names of my companions! :D haha  his names elder arevalo! 

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