Monday, August 31, 2015

Aug 31,2015

This week was awesome!! because I´m in my new area and it´s cool to have this oprotunity to get to know the people from San Jacinto! My companions name is Elder Maldonado and he´s from Ecuador!] haha he´s got 3 months in the mission and he´s been in this area he´s whole mission! he´s super cool and really spritual.He´s from the mission Trujillo! which means that he´s come a completly different way of working but We´re figuring it out and it´s going to be sick!!!  before he came out in the mission he was in the Army and he is a recent convert!  The area that I´m in is pretty big But it´s super far away from any city! haha the closest city is like an hour in car! haha soo it´s district meetings are pretty great! I´m in a branch so we don´t have very many people who go to church but we´re going to change that! :D the people here are really cool and super respectfull. Also in my area there´s a factory of sugar! and it´s in the middle of the city and it´s just makes a bunch of noise 24 hours all day every day! and it´s super annoying but it´s cool I´ve gotten used to it! Everybody and their dog works there so it´s interesting trying to find dad´s at home! but it´s cool I know the lord will bless us! :D 

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