Monday, September 28, 2015

Sept 28, 2015

Well this week was pretty great! :D haha after P-day me and elder Gibbson he´s a different district leader in my zone, we went to trujillo to go and fix some papers so we can stay in peru! :D but it was a 4 hour bus ride! but it was fantastic because when we got there we just kinda sat there and waited for like 30 min and then the oficinistas showed up and took us to the offices! and then we slept in their room, then the next day we went out and signed a paper and then we went back to casma! :D haha it was really fun! then the rest of the week we worked liked normal going around talking to people, teaching, preaching! This week we also tryed a new Idea in our branch which its called the Branch Night! :D and it was pretty great! only the members came but the next one we have will be great! :D As of right now my companion and I have to Baptizmal dates! Juan Quiroz, and Jesus Guerrero! :D these two are pretty great! and are progressing a lot! Juan this week told us that he wasn´t going to be able to come to church this week because he was going to help his sister cook somthing but my companion and I taught him why he needs to go and the reason why it´s super important that he can take the sacrament!  and then he showed up in sunday! it was awesome! :D 

The people are fantastic!! :D 
I have lots of friends! :D haha it comes with being a missionary! 
The best is that Juan and Jesus came to church! the worst is that my companion and I didn´t have a super successfull week number wise! :D

I have learned how I can trust in the Lord for everything! 

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