Monday, May 30, 2016

May 23,2016

Well this week has been pretty interesting! because well we had a baptism planned for this saturday but it didn`t happen because Melissa got super busy! from Tuesday the day we saw her until saturday in the morning we didn`t see her or teach her, and her brother had her phone so we couldn`t call her either, she literally disapeared! but we found her saturday morning and she told us that she was super sad that she couldn`t get baptized and she explained what had happened. She`s still super excited to get baptized actually she defended the church against her grandma from the states! she said that the church is a sect and Melissa told her ^How can they be a sect if they only believe in god? ^ and after a bunch of other stuff she told us at the very end she told her Gma that what ever happenes I`m getting baptized in this church!!!! she´s pretty cool! The rest of the week has been pretty good the best day of the week was Sunday because We had taught three amazing lessons with Less actives and their families! The spirit was so just en every one of them I just hope that they can make the best decisions!

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