Monday, May 30, 2016

May 16,2016

Well this week was pretty cool! My companion and I have been trying to work as much as could witht he members this week like take them to appointments, etc. You couldn`t really see it very well in our numbers but they were there with us almost everyday looking for their friends, taking them to appointments that we had. It kinda sucked because almost every apointment that we had fell when we were with members but we had a lovely time getting to know the members a little more and finding out more about the history of our area! Also we`ve got an investigator thats progressing, actually she was supposed to get baptized this Saturday but she didn`t go to the stake conference so we had to postpone for the 21st of may! But she went to church yesterday so she`s going to get baptized this weekend!!! Awesome also with La hermana Erika we had talked to her and found out that she hasn`t really been reading the Book of Mormon so we`re with her on that! 

Ya that sounds like a good plan! 

It`s also your birthday!!!!!! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!! 
No don`t worry about it I`ll be home soon enough. 

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