Sunday, August 3, 2014

Week 2

Yeah Im fine!!! I havent really gotten homesick yet... my stomach is a little upset with me but im pretty sure it was from the food.... but other then that and a small cold I'm fine!!!

(hey are you using your blanket or do they give you one?
did we send a jacket is it cold?)

I use my footy pajamas!!!!  and yes the gave us sheets!! its so hot here theres no point in a jacket. 
(does everyone think your weird?  do they take picture to send home ?)
No!! everyone thinks its amazing!!!!! haha ive gotten plenty of picuters taken though

 Theres nothing to say.... we literally study.. breakfast, then class\Progressing Investigator until lunch.. after lunch we have gym time then TALL... then study till dinner then we have class\Progressing Investigator till 9 then we plan for the next day and go to bed.... nothing really happens.... 

but something cool that happened was I was doing personal study outside and I started reading the book of mormon and forgot to pray so i started praying with the book open and in my prayer i asked for personal revelation on how I could progress in spanish faster and i heard the pages flipping with the wind but when i opened my eyes it was open to 1 nephi 2:22..

Answers to my questions

1 (did you get their emails)I only got the email from Megan. I never got one from Garrison.

2 (do you like the food) They don't really serve Mexican food in CCM but I have tried some interesting foods and the ended up being pretty good! 

3 (have you got to go to the temple)We went today! but the temple is closed for reconstruction so we just went to the visitors center.

4 Yeah I ran into him in the line for dinner! he seemed pretty happy... he came up to me and was like hey your a tall elder with the name Durrant is your cousin Davis? I've ran into a couple kids from school. (Elder Colby is who he is talking about)

5 (did you need another suit) No I hardly ever where my suit! just on Sunday's and Tuesday nights!

Jessica's email from Alex

"So today we went to the visitors center because the temple is closed for reconstruction.... it was fantastic!! I came to the realization that we are very sheltered in CCM... the way people drive and how the culture amazes me!

My district is amazing! last night at the end of our planning session we decided to sing Called To Serve (in Spanish of course) and we sang it loud and proud!! the spirit was really strong and we were all laughing and enjoying each others company"

She asked  him how the language was coming along and this is what he said....

"I actually really like it! I can understand a lot I just can't speak that well .

Lots of rain!!

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