Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Week 5

On Wednesday, August 20, 2014, Alex Durrant <> wrote:
So.... I finally get to leave CCM!!!!! We fly out Monday night around 12.....But I can't wait till I get to Peru!!! other then that the past week have been the same as always. Class then more class then more class... anyways Sunday we had a Devotional from one of the Presidents of the CCM. He talked about specific prayers.. He read parts from Genesis 24. and then gave some amazing stories.. one of them was about a kid who left his bag full of his stuff from his mission on a taxi.. so he gave a specific prayer and said that his bag wouldn't be gone and nothing from the inside would be stolen.. he went to where he said he be and the taxi driver pulled up to the gas station and held the bag out the window and said here's your bag and don't worry I'm christian so I didn't take anything. after hearing about this I decided to try it out.... I just started small and ask heavenly father that at 630 in the morning I would come across a scripture that I would use through out my mission.. I started my personal study around 6 and just read... until I came across Enos 1 : 15 and it hit me that this is the scripture. I looked at the time and it was 630... I know that if you talk to God about your problems like you would talk about them to your earthly father he will answer you! Other then that nothing really cool has happened.... but give it a little bit and I will be out in the field where I will have plenty of other stories to tell!!!!!

  -Elder Durrant

This picture Alex is with Seth Colby from payson. Seth left the CCM Monday the 18th.  So excited for him to serve the people of Mexico.

6 hours his legs are going to hurt. :)

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