Sunday, August 17, 2014

Week 4

This week has been a rather interesting week! First off last Sunday we watched a talk from Elder Bednar and he talked mainly about missionary work and how to become more Christlike! he started off by saying that on way to be more Christlike is by turning yourself outward! the natural man when things start to get hard tend to turn inwards and start thinking like poor me, poor me... he related us to the Cookie Monster "I want a cookie and I want it now! and then he devours the whole cookie... he doesn't just eat it HE DEVOURS it"! after a couple stories he then told us how we need to learn of Christ, not just about him. We need to learn how to be like him! He said one way we can do this is he likes to do this thing where if ever can't answer a question that he is having he goes to the store and buys a brand new paper back Book of Mormon. He then writes the question he has on the inside of the cover, after this he reads the Book from cover to cover, highlighting scriptures that answer he questions takes notes in the book of personal revelation he gets. So I decided to take on that challenge but when me and my companion went to the store to get a Paper back Book of Mormon they were all gone! so I got a note pad and dedicated it as my "B.O.M notes"! :D I challenge everyone to do the same! doing this has changed my life and has given me a new perspective on scripture study and how important this Gospel is!!! Next I found a hole in my tooth so I had to leave CCM to go to the dentist!! It was so weird the instead of it being like an american dentist where there's about three people who help you... you know like the nurse who cleans you, then the nurse who numbs you, then the dentist who fixes you.... here.. there's only one lady... she was super nice and new how to dentist really well...but she gave so much numbing that I was numb for about 4 hours after my dentist visit.... When I got back to CCM my companion (who is sick) and I went back to our room so he could change into normal clothes...but we decided to take a quick 15 minuet nap.... that didn't happen... we ended sleeping for about an hour and half... but it was nice! when I woke up the numbing was gone and I felt really refreshed!!!  So everyone's probably herd that there's a sickness going around CCM. which is true my companion had to get a shot in butt and had to take some pill for about 4 days ( we think they gave him laxatives :D hahaha)!! Sometimes I'm glad i'm a picky eater because I haven't gotten sick yet!! anyways that's pretty much how my weeks been... the rest is just chilling in the classroom learning spanish and the gospel! I love all of you and I hope you're all having a great time!

These next pictures are of the CCM. :)

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