Friday, August 8, 2014

Week 3

I've been doing really good this week! I feel tons more comfortable with the language then I did before! It's gotten to the point where everyone in the class uses Spanglish..... thats where you mix english and spanish!! sometimes I even forget the English word so I have to use the Spanish word! The Lord has helped me a lot through the past couple of day because I started to feel down on myself just because I was behind on the language and I wasn't doing so good spiritually because I kept on getting distracted by people talking around me or thinking about movies or videos games I had played before, even old music that I listened to popped into my head a lot. it didn't really help that people would keep talking about movies or singing songs or asking me question about videogames... But I really have felt peace lately because I've had a little time to think because my companion was taking a nap. I was reading the scriptures but I kept not focusing on them and focusing on other matters going through my head.... so I decided to also take a nap! I immediately woke up exactly 25 minuets later (that's when our laundry finished) I got up and decided to read my scriptures which I left open... and it was in 2 Nephi where it talks about how he loves small and simple things so he can teach his people to understand what the lord wants...  It helped me realize what the lord wants from me! Other then that I've been doing really good the food here is alright they have the option to eat rice and beans every meal but hardly anyone does because they make you extremely sick if you do... they have a lot of american style food here... they serve pizza, cordon blue's,...etc. I've tried some interesting food though and all I had to do was put some salt on it! Just got my first haircut on the mission and it turned out alright but she didn't really thin my hair out that much so it's still fuzzy.....  also I have to go to the Dentist this Monday because I found a hole in tooth but it doesn't hurt! but I figured I should get it fixed before I get out to Peru...  I hope everyone else is doing good!

I am wearing my contacts but everytime I get a picture with someone I'm in glasses idk why... 

My companion is a lot like Hayden.... in a lot of ways... haha so we get along really well.... My whole district is one big family we joke around a lot even with our teachers.. maybe some cinnamon toast crunch... that would be amazing! no poptarts... 

This last picture, is a friend of mine's nephew, but through my amazing friend Shannon  I met her amazing sister Jen who's son is Elder Sanders who is also in the CCM(So confusing). So we had them on a quest to find each other.  Ty won, he found Alex first, I should send him a prize.
This picture says a thousand word's to me, and I even cried when I received it. 
The support Jen and Shannon have been to me is unexplainable!! 

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