Monday, September 8, 2014

this place is awesome!! :D

Alright so this week has been a pretty normal missionary week! finaly"! :D we taught some people, knocked on doors,ate at members houses. I´m kinda bad at teaching because I don´t know the language so I try to participate as much as possible but it´s usually not very much! but we taught this dude who owns a restaurant and the spirit was very strong and after we finished teaching and prayed his wife came out with some food.... it was alright but not the best and she also gave us some of this juice stuff that.... just.. no... haha anyway this other guy in the restaurant started asking us question and I couldn´t really understand what was being said so I was looking around the restaurant and the owners wife was breastfeeding her baby right in the middle of the place!!!! I quickly turned around and focused on the questions.... later I asked my companion what just happened and he said that its pretty normal that that happens............ anyways we also gave a couple members of the family Mancilla de la cruz some blessings because they are sick. I´m really injoying this place when the days start to be the same somthing interesting happenes!!1 like when we were coming here to the internet café a lady got hit by a car!! she got up and started yelling at the driver! I´ve been reading the scriptures a lot in spanish and english and it has helped my so much! I´ve noticed my spanish is a lot better and I can feel the spirit a lot stronger during lessons! :D Well that´s pretty much it for my weekly update!

  -Elder Durrant

My questions 

How is the food?  The food here is pretty fantastic! I stay away from the sea food but everything else so far has been pretty normal!

Did you get your package? I don´t know... we get our mail in one bunch every month..

How is your branch? Pretty small... but the people are very nice!

Do you wear your footy pjs? I haven´t yet! I think i´m going to wait until it gets colder!

What is your favorite part ofPeru?  The way Peru works! like the taxi´s and the people!

Have you gotten sick yet? Just small colds! (knocks on wood)

What can't you buy in peru? I don´t know... I haven´t really needed a lot yet.

Craziest moment inPeru?  

I witnesed a lady breastfeed in a restaurant and also a lady get hit by a car...

How many times have you been asked "how tall are you"? Everyday at least 6 times a day...

How is your companion ? Awesome!! it´s his last two months so he´s super energetic!

Do you miss us yet? :)

Yes!!! I wake up and realize that I´m in peru not my bed at home!

What are those rolls in the picture?  I have no idea... but they are soooooooo gooooooodddddd1!!! hahaa

Cool pictures – kinda gross too.  Is the Inca cola good?  Did they tell you not to drink the water and do you have to boil all your water?  How do you cook??

Yes!!!! ITS AMAZING!!! you guys need to get some from that peruvian restaurant! yeah we can´t drink the water... no we don´t have a stove and also our microwave is broken... so we have this box the is full of purified water! :)

What the heck is that castle?
It´s a peruvian castle!! haha I honostly have no idea! that´s what we did last P-day!

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