Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22 2014

yoyoy what up everybody???? I haven´t been up to much just the usual waking up and studying and the teaching people! the usual! This week has been a little longer week because I kinda started freaking myself out about spanish... but it´s fine now Because of this i´ve gotten a little more comfertable and it comes a lot easier now! :D Anyways my companion and I have mainly been hunting down members that live around us and finding where referels live... it´s so hard to find houses in the place it´s not even funny!.. anyway we´ve been doing that and the guy I talked about last week, when we went to visit him He had a really big smile on his face and told us that he got his answer through a dream! but I couldn´t understand what he was saying about his dream.... But he got his answer and that´s all that matters! anyways I hope your all doing Good!! :D


Do you have a problem with fleas?
I haven´t had any problems with flea´s.... yet (knocks on wood)

Can you get flea collars down there?
Yeah I can get them down here!

Have you used any of the oils we sent with you?
The bug one a little because I got a bite and it wasn´t going away but it´s gone now! and the mint one because my nose was really stuffy

Do you wish you took a shoe shine kit?
No not really because it´s super dusty here so cleaning them is kinda impossible.

How's you spanish
Its better!

Do you get to watch conference in English?
I hope so!!!!

Has a dog bit you yet?
No.... haha the dogs here are scared of us!"

Did you get a oven or a microwave yet?
Yeah we got a microwave!

How your house help?
we don´t have house help... we take our laundry to a lady!

How's the people?
Fantastic! and catholic!

Do they have halloween there?
They have halloween! haha 

Anything exciting going on over there?
Not really... well theres like some presidency thing going on... idk

Do you get to stay with you companion until he leaves in november?
I have no idea! haha I hope so!

Can you get Oreos over there?
Yes but they aren´t the same!

Is there any American candy over there?
Nothing american... 

Do they play basketball?
Yes... but all the rims are ripped off...

How's your mission president?
He´s really great!! I´ve come to the conclusion that he can convince a baby to baptise a family!

He hasn't changed!!

His companion

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