Monday, September 15, 2014

Well everybody, this week has been a super normal week...

Well everybody, this week has been a super normal week! We contacted some referels, we talked to some people in the street, and visited some members! My companion told me that the zone we are in was nicked named the zone of punish... those who were sent here were sent here to get punished! haha so the president wants to change that so that`s why most of our zone is new kids, because we haven`t herd of the zone and we have the burning fire to work! :D so with that knowledge me and my companion decided that we need to gain the trust of the members if we are going to be more succesfull! My spanish has gotten better! My zone leader told me that I`m in this process of where my brain is translating Spanish to English... so when I talk I`m translating from English to Spanish but when people talk I can`t understand them because my brain hasn`t switched back yet... but other than that it`s going fantastic! so my companion bought this stuff called El Manjar! IT IS SOOOOOOOO GOOOODDDDDD I can`t even describe it to you it`s so good... it`s kinda like carmel, and it goes fantastic on oreos! anyways... we also taught this guy and I could hardly understand him but he talked to some Jehova`s witnesses and they gave a pamplet thing but he had a ton of questions they couldn`t answer! so we went and visited him. As he was talking I looked into his eye`s and could see his soul like "help me"... but I couldn`t talk to him.... yeah but we have an appointment with him later this week!
I hope you are all doing good!!!!! 

-Elder Durrant

Coolest thing?
for P-day we hiked a mountain all the way to the top and the view was amazing.

Scariest thing?
Some of the dogs here are pretty ugly... like they are walking around with their bones sticking out of their body...
Did you get your package?
I have recieved my package!!! hahah I was so happy!!!
How is church?
it`s church... but in spanish.... hahaha

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