Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October 20th 2014

I had to give my first talk this week and I had a talk about the book of mormon I had written out a couple weeks ago but something kept telling me that I needed to change it and it wouldn`t leave me alone until I did.. so I did and I had no idea what to change it to so I just started flipping through my scriptures and a scripture I had highlighted in seminary, hit me! I basically said teach your brethern to repent... I kinda doubted it for a second so I kept flipping and there it was again! said a little differently but the exact same thing! so I changed it to repentance. I`m not a person who can really talk in front of crowds very well... so I was relying a lot on the Spirit because repentance is kinda a touchy subject for some people... so I got up there said a little prayer took a deep breath and started stalking. I stumbled a little at first but after a second the Spirit took over! Also next week is my first baptism! the dude in the picture is the baptism of Elder Lansing and china! the really short dude his name is Adrian! he is getting baptized next week! So I also had another work visit this week.. I went over to Elder Lansings area... it was me and Elder Lansing! we are both still in training! haha but the day was fantastic! I realised I actually know a lot more spanish then I thought! but Elder Lansing and I may have stayed up until 3:30 in the morning... haha talking about videogames and music and stuff! The day after was our weekly planning session and so I told my companion that I want to start flip flopping! that where he teaches then I teach. He asked "are you ready for flip flopping" and I told him either way we gotta start doing it! and ever since then We`ve been flip flopping! :D thats pretty much all thats happened!

Jeremy asked-
So how did you do?  Did you write it all down and read it or did you speak from memory?

I feel pretty good! haha It started out a little rough but once I got into it it wasn`t that bad! also The pictures were almost ready and then my internet shut off... and They are going to take forever to load... so now you might have to wait a week....

Bye I love you guys!!!

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