Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October 14th 2014

Well everybody! this week was pretty much awesome! Nothing super special happened but I was able to talk to more people! I guess that might be because of everyone! Thanks!!! :D Talking in spanish is getting easier and easier! The most interesting thing that I got for you is that I had to watch Conference in Spanish! haha it was really interesting but really awesome at the same time! because when I did understand something it was something that I needed to hear! so.. pretty much thats awesome! also I may be downloading the first session in English right now! :D After Sunday morning session my companion and I were going to Lunch at our pencionista´s house and we saw this dude start running and just nail this guy! haha Idk why but my companion said that I was going to see a lot of that! ..... I can honostly say.. that scripture reading is so important! but not just reading! you need a notebook right next to so as soon as somthing you read hits you.. you can write it down and remember forever! but don´t right down everything just what the Spirit tells you! :D Hopefully all of you are having a good week! 

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