Tuesday, October 7, 2014

October 7th 2014

Well everybody.. this weeks kinda been a longer week because my companion and I haven`t had very much success... I`m thinking it`s my fault because I haven`t been able to understand anyone this week and I haven`t gotten over my shyness.. and I can`t figure out how to take that first step.. everytime I do... it feels like something is stopping me... Oh well.. I`ll figure it out! With the help of the Lord anything is possible! Anyway the light in the darkness is the Adrian one of our investigators went to church!! we actually went to pick him up and when we got there nobody answered the door.. so my companion called him and he said he was already at the chapel!! haha he beat us to the chapel! also all the people that he talked to.. talked to us and said he is totally ready for baptism! he`s already sharing the gospel with others! it`s awesome! Other than that nothing at all has really happened... oh well I guess to add to the darkness my camera broke.. so I have to figure that one out... but yea.... I hope your all doing fantastic!! Have an amazing week! :D
Bye I love you guys!!!

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