Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27,2014

yoyoyo What up homies!! This week was kind of a longer week... not because it was hard, because of all the meetings I had. I had to go to leader training meeting with my companion because he it the district leader.. that was tuesday.. Wednesday morning I had to go to Lima to start my papers for my Visa, stayed the night in Lima. The next day we finished the papers, Which took all day!! haha but thats okay. We travel by bus so I didn´t get home until really late, and then Friday we went to a meeting in ventanilla which is about 45 min away from huaral... and that meeting was all day also... so this week was full of just travel and sitting and waiting in line for visa. It was kinda awesome though because I was able to see all of my friends from CCM, and talk to them about their lives, and whats going on in there areas! I had a really good week! It just felt really long because I couldn´t do work! oh well! So the other day my companion and I were sitting there resting from all the walking we had been doing and a dude started talking to us.. in the middle of the conversation a drunk dude came up to us and said that he is a gringo.. and he was born in the United states and was white. but He´s lived in PerĂº for 30 years so his skin is dark and he has turned into a Peruvian.... hahaha!!! So.... I´ve got some news... My companion and I had a baptizm Saturday!!!! And I was the one that baptized him!! It was awesome! I was kinda nervous at first but once I got into the font the words just flowed out of my mouth! Other than that nothing else has really happened... I hope that you guys are having fun with your lives!! :D

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