Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1,2015

Woo!!! Sorry I didn´t write last week!! I kinda forgot and then we ended Internet and I hadn´t written it yet! :D Any way, what´s happened the past couple of weeks is that I got my new companion, his name is Elder Martinez, and he is amazing!! haha he knows how to work hard and to have fun at the same time! which is perfect for me! He told me recently that when transfers were coming up he could feel that he was going to be transfered, so he prayed that he would be sent somewhere where he could baptize weekly! and the Lord sent him to me.... so we have plans to work really hard and to party all the way through! :D Also I´ve had a couple expierences that were kinda Spiritual for me! now that I´ve started to be able to understand Spanish a lot more I can understand what they are saying and a scripture will pop into my head. I usually didn´t pay that much attention to it when it happened but I´ve started to realise it´s happening and that I need to act on it! So during a lesson with my convert Adrian we were talking about something... I honostly didn´t understand the story but from the words that I did understand a scripture popped into my head in D&C about forgiving people, let me give you some background.. the mother of Adrian was crying because someone yeld at her and Adrian was a little upset.. this was the situation I was in... I didn´t fully understand the story but I knew something had happened so I asked my companion if it was a good idea to share this scripture. He said yes and I shared it explained it a little and bore my testimony that it´s our job to forgive everybody.. and the Sprirt was so strong that Adrian had a blank face(He makes a face when he is reciving new information) and his mother stopped crying and said thank you thank you... And thats my spiritual expirence this week! :D

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