Monday, December 29, 2014

December 15th

This week we have a couple of investigators that are very interested and we have been teaching! The name of one of them is Maria Flores, she has here 2 year old son and the dad ran away so we go with members to teach her, but she said she prayed and felt that this is something she needs to do! :D I wasn`t there because we had a work visit but that`s what my companion told me! The second is the Family Sifuentes, they are a family of 7 but the littlest one has 7 years so we can`t baptize him. They are an amazing family and the dad said he`s trying to find a religion for his whole family, and his kids really like us and they always want us to be there, and they really want to go to the church! They have a Fecha for the 17th of January! We asked them if they were married and they told us yes, But at church when the sisters asked the Hermana if they were married she said no... so we`re going to ask them later if they are or not! :D

My companion and I are fantastic! :D We have been working on letting me talk more during the lessons, which has helped with my spanish a ton! :D 

I`m doing fantastic! I haven`t had anything try to kill me yet... and I haven`t really had any super spiritual experiences this week other then letting the spirit talk through me during the lessons! :D

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