Monday, December 29, 2014

December 29,2014

This week was a really interesting week. On Christmas Eve during the day we went out and knocked doors because all of our appointments fell through so we were out knocking on doors and we found a lot of people who said the wanted to listen, but they were either women alone in the house or teenagers. So we got appointments to return through out the week. Then on Christmas day we went out to find all these people but they either weren`t there or were way drunk! haha but we still had lessons I just thought it was funny how drunk some people were! :D So we got a family that is investigating, the family Sifuentes, They are a really good family but they aren`t married.... but.. We told them that they are living in sin and that they need to get married. The next visit when we showed up we asked if they had talked about getting married and they said that they want to get married on their anniversery! Which is the 3rd of February! We also have couple other people that are proggressing but this week all of them were basically in Lima all weekend so they all missied out on church.

hahaha It`s just really funny because it`s their anniversary of living together! hahah not dating! 

I`VE GOT TRANSFERSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 I go to Lima tomorrow!

(Are you sad)

Yes.... haha My companion and I have a line of baptizms coming! 
haha I have no idea how to feel! 

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