Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19, 2015

So I feel like I´ve grown closer to the ward and gain more trust from them! We´ve also been working on using the members more for lessions and helping with investigators we have! :D I´m really liking this ward I´m still trying to learn all of the names of the ward council but I´m getting there! My area is pretty fantastic, My companion and I haven´t been putting in the effort to have a lot of succes which I´ve finaly just said to myself that I´ve got to get working! haha

This week I´ve been studying in Preach my Gospel in the seccion of christlike attributes. And it´s really helped me in being calm with my companion and doing the things that I need to do with him! It´s also helped because I understand more of how I need to be in the streets when I contact and when I´m in lessons. 

Also this week I had an interview with President that has helped me know what I need to do to have more success!1 I´m so excited! haha  

I´m fairly certain that I haven´t grown... My pants still fit.

Tell grandpa Durrant and Grandpa Hardy happy Birthday and I love them!!!

I´m peruvian now!!! haha 
He´s good! we´ve gotten better at the things we do! :D

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