Wednesday, January 28, 2015

January 26, 2015

Hey everybody!! So freaking this week was a week of pushing hard to keep working! hahaha The reason is because it is soooooo hot!! and My Zone leader tells me that it´s only going to get hotter! in Feburary theres somthing called carnival where litteraly they just freaking throw around water all day every day for the whole month because it´s just púre hottness!.... haha anyway my companion and I have this family that we are working with, they´ve been together for 26 years and haven´t been married... but With the Spirit we change the dads heart and they´re going to get married here soon!!! La hermana is going to have an activity so she raise money to get married!!! I´m so excited it´s not even funny! :D I really hope and pray that all of you are having a fun time without me! :D and sorry there aren´t pictures this week.... I left my camera back in the room where Ilive! :D
 Elder Durrant

What are you doing for pday?
We´re going to play quidditch... haha from harry potter! 

How's your companion?
He´s good! :D just chilling next to me writting him family

Well I gotta get going!!! I love you guys!!! I hope you´re having a good time without me! :D

This is Jessica's letter and picture that Jes received from a member of his ward there in Lima.

(How was your week?) My week was a little interesting but it´s a lot better now! :D
     (How is he couple that want to get married?)
Fantastic! just need to get married now!

(How is your ward?) Pretty good... haha theres a lot more organization here then in peralvillo

(How is the food?) Normal! haha we don´t have a Pention so we just eat Chifa everyday but we found a different restaurant that we´re going to try out

(Craziest thing this week?) I´ve got this dog dazzer thing and a member was with us and he pointed the dazzer at a cat and it scrambled up the wall! 

(Saddest?) I saw a dead bird in the road...

(Hardest?) Trabjando con animo

( How are the people there? )
They are hard to talk to about the gospel? Or are they inviting most of the time?) normal! Haha just a little more rude then in Peralvillo but I´ve gotten used to it!and I love them anyway
Here where I´m at a little of both... depends really on the person

(What's the scariest thing that has happened so far?) a member here was working and was electricuted!

(What is the most amazing thing so far?) He´s still alive! 

(What are you studying this week?) What I need to do to have better animo para trabajar

(What's your most favorite part about being a missionary?) Being able to talk to people about what they need to do to have a better life! 

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