Monday, January 19, 2015

January 12,2015

So this week was a really normal week we didn`t have to many new investigators this week. The new investigators we do have are some old investigators. We taught this one family who are living together and they want to be baptized but the dad doesn`t want to marry his girlfriend. They`ve been together for like 26 years.... So I told my companion when we go back and if they still don`t want to get married we have to drop them.

During my personal studies I`ve been studying in Preach my gospel. Mainly in the Christlike attributes. I`ve learned a lot more about my savior! Also I`ve been helping my companion with random gospel questions he has! The most spiritual moment I had this week was probably during a family night with a less active member and her family. I did a lesson with the three things we need to do in life to have a structure to support all the problems that we`re going to have. The three are Read, Pray, and Go to church. I Taught the lesson and she started crying and I could feel that the holy ghost was speaking to her! :D

So how Are you??
I`m amazing!!! haha it`s so freaking hot it`s not even funny! 

How's your companion?
He`s a newbie peruvian! haha he doesn`t like to listen to be and the stuff goes bad... its funny somtimes! :D

What part of peru is he from?

How is the ward?
it`s a lot bigger then the last one!! and more active!

Do you like it?

Is the food better?
It`s normal! but here there`s pizza! 

Do you eat a lot of rice?
hahaha yes!!! 

Does this area have dogs?
Yeah! not as many as the other!

How's the bed?
Not as good as the last one! :D

Do you use your bed protector?
Yes! :D

So where do you use the internet there?
In an internet cafe! :D

Do you get to go to the temple?
No... only when a convert goes or your the companionship of the month! 

Pdays we usually just party! haha today I think we`re going to have a water balloon fight! :D

I gotta go!!! I love you so much!!! Have fun without me!! :D

Alex's saying good bye before he was transferred 

Pictures of his new appartment in Lima.

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