Monday, July 13, 2015

July 5, 2015

So this week some cup for soccer. So lot's of people were watching the soccer games! I'm so happy because Peru got third!!! and their was also lots and lots of partys going on Because of some Catholic aniversary... somthing I don't know. but it was kinda hard to work this week but we kept pushing forward as much as we could and we put a baptizmal date with an investigator! Also the family that we have has told us that they want to get married and his wife went out today (Monday) to go take out as many papers that are ?nesisary? so they can get married! but they have a problem because the municipalidad wants an original with one of their papers and the sister is origanally from the Jungle which is super far from where we're at right now. But we're figuring out what we can do!  

Literaly all the change was was just transfering our information from lima west to trujillo south. We didn't leave or anything.
No I haven't met the new president yet but he is coming down in friday so we can meet him! 
they'll let us know I think this sunday when theirs transfers. 

I'm really good!!!! but I've got to get going now!! I love you guys!

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