Monday, July 27, 2015

July 27,2015

Bueno este semana fue lo maximo! Porque con todo de carhuaz hay mucho que hacer entonce estamos corriendo a todos lados contactando, visitando, etc. Pero Una cosa que hemos vistio no estamos haciendo muy bien es trabajando con miembros. Para arreglar ese cuando fuimos a hacer la visita con el obispo hablabamos sobre muchas cosas que puedemos hacer para ayudar a este barrio. Hemos planificado con el y ahora vamos a hacer todo posible por este barrio! :D 

Well my companion and I are doing really good, we´ve had little things here and there that we´re trying to fix but other then that we´re doing really good! and we´re working because our goal witht the bishop is to have ten baptizms this month of augost! I´m super excited to help this ward grow! I´ve been here for a little bit of time but now I understand what I need to help them! :D

(Can the get married in the temple or just sealed)
No They can´t here they have to get married in the municipalidad! :D

(Did your investigators get married yet?)

No Not yet.... but in thursday we´re going to call people to try and take it out! This week nobody is worked becuase it´s peru independence week! so lots of alcohol, parties, and much much more! ;D 

(How many youth do you have in your ward)
like 20 combined like 5 girls and 15 guys

(Do you ever teach classes in church )
Sometimes! :D this week my companion and I taught the work of salvation and burned all of the Elders qourms1:D 

(Have you watched a disney movie yet)
We watched El dorado like 2 weeks ago! it´s was pretty great! 

(Is it hot or cold there)
Both during the day freaking hot!!! during the night time freezing cold"! 

(Name if the place you live in)
(How is the zone leaders in your are)
Pretty great we´re just super far away from huaraz so we never really see them.

(Did you get your package)
I have recieved my package!!! :D I got it the day after P-day!

We´re going to go play soccer!!12 :D haha it´ll be awesome! Hey I can´t send pictures this week... the zone leaders have my camera I´m going to get it tomorrow! they took it because they came down to see some problems we´re having with the room and we took pictures and they asked if they could take it to show the guy so he can know what he needs to fix it. :D

(What is broken )
our water heater is like destroying the wall behind it or somthing like that... the water is leaking out of the pipes and now they have to go in and fix it... I don´t really understand but what are you going to do...

Hey I´ve got to get going I love you guys!!!! :D 

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