Monday, September 14, 2015

Sept. 7 2015

It´s not a ward it´s a branch! :D hha and it´s really good!! the people are really nice nd loving! I really like it here
The President is a really good guy!°!! haha we actually are renting our room from him! it´s pretty cool! :D
It´s great!! theres a big factory right in the middle of the town!
it´s really small! haha like height wise! but other then that it´s fine!
It´s like an hour away!!! and we have to take two cars! :D 

So this week was really interesting because My companion and I have been working pretty hard! haha we went nd contacted a buch of old investigators and members and everybody! we didn´t have a super succefull week but now we´ve got like a base to work with! It´s going to be awesome! a spiritual moment that I had this week would probably b e that when my companion and I were in a lesson the lady talked about how she ws scared to pray with her eyes shut because she feels like satan is going to attack her! but we explained to her that if she imagined that god was there listening to her she would feel a lot better!

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