Monday, September 14, 2015

Sept 14, 2015

Well this week kinda sucked... haha my companion and I were working and working, we took out members to go visit invigators and also visit their friends and what not but Every single lesson that we had planned fell through... and the members friends we went to weren´t there. but we Kept working and working trying to get stuff done but it never really happened. But it was really cool becuase in sunday Two of our investigators came to church and they both said it was awesome and they´re excited to come next week! :D haha it was awesome! 

Everything is really good! just a little tireing! haha 
It´s very hot here! and they say it´s only going to get worse! :D ahaha
I´m close to a beach but in the middle of a desert! it´s pretty great! I´m trying to send pictures! 

I half wish i was there to be with you guys and to see grandma but I understand that one day i´ll see her again! and this time she´ll remember my name! ;D hahahaha

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