Monday, April 20, 2015

March 30,2015

Well this week´s been really normal, and my companion got sick again!! so we just stayed inside and I wanted to die of bordem!!!! :D but anyway something really cool that happened is we had a family nlight with some members and I shared a scripture then afterwards we had a testimony meeting! Which was really cool because I got to see some of the trials everyone has gone through to get to the point that they´re in! Which was kind of a surprise because I´ve know the family the whole time and had no Idea that they wen´t through some of the stuff that they had! some of it is stuff like smoking and alcohol! :D Also it was kinda weird but this taxi driver stopped us in the road and asked where he could buy a book of mormon and we said that we had one for free! he told us that some of his buddies said that for anything get the book for story! :D we asked him where he lived but he lives outside of our area.... but it was a really awesome expierence! :D Next the sisters in our District had a baptism which was awesome! it was kinda suprising because President Archibald came to the baptizm!!! and I had to give a message on baptism and the holy ghost.... so I kinda panicked but got through it like a boss! :D anyway I hope all of you guys are having fun without me! :D

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